Monday, February 18, 2013

meal planning monday.

last week's meal plans started off so strong, and then ended up falling in a heap towards the end...
hello sunday night pizza.
the upside to pizza is the cute kitty photos when he just won't leave the box alone...

onwards and upwards.

i'm hoping to find some nice steaks for dinner tonight. i'll have mine with a chickpea salad, and i'll cook up some chips for bb to have with his. i have this feeling he mayyyyy just turn his nose up at chickpeas ha ha!

tuesday, i've got the day off from work, but i've got a LOT of study planned! there's two assignments i want to get 100% completed and another i want to make a really good start on... so a nice quick and easy dinner of chicken and vermicelli noodles.
haven't made them before (i honestly just did a search for 'healthy dinner recipes' to work out what we should be eating this week, to the rescuuuuue!), hope they turn out yummy!

wednesday night, a nice hearty meal of salmon and a plate full of salad! can't wait!

thursday, another day off from work for me, and another new recipe to try, chilli and lemongrass beef! i'm hoping for nice fresh, clean flavours! fingers are crossed!

friday night is my late night at work, so i'm hoping to get a curry done for dinner. i hoped for the same thing last week, but i slept in! by the time i went for a run and showered, i was off to work! hopefully i'll get a bit more time this week ;)

saturday night is meatball night! after a week of cooking relatively healthy meals (i've got healthy plans for lunches and breakfasts too) a bowl of pasta and meatballs will be just the thing i'll need!

and sunday... well i think some delicious thai food will be in order! yum!

what are you meal plans for this week?

pop over and be inspired by the meal planning queen!

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Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

We had black beans and rice for lunch topped with diced tomatoes, onions and avocado, a little enchilada sauce or sauce and a dab of sour cream. Yummo! One of my favorite quick and easy meals. I eat chickpeas nearly every day around here, throw them into salads or a soup. Delish! Have a great week. Tammy