Monday, February 4, 2013

meal planning monday.

my best laid meal plans over the last couple of weeks DEFINITELY haven't come to fruition...
a fairly large amount of stress at work, coupled with a complete and utter lack of planning have resulted in takeaway for dinner SEVERAL nights over the last couple of weeks and a few lacklustre meals (sandwiches... mmmmm)

this week, i'm back on the ball though!

tonight, i'm cooking up some noodles! it's just myself home for dinner, but the leftovers will be fantastic for lunch during the week ;)

tomorrow night, i've got some lamb chops to cook. together with the glut of vegetables we've got in the fridge, we'll be in for a hearty meal!

wednesday night, i'll whip up some meatballs from some delicious snags we've got and cook them up in a tomato-y sauce. a bit of red wine, some fresh basil, spaghetti. perfect.

thursday night, another meat and veg meal... pork chops this time! cooked in the oven to crisp up that crackling. yum!

on friday, i'm working 'til late. i'm hoping to get a curry made before i get to work... that way i have something delicious to have at work for dinner :D

saturday night, we have a birthday celebration for one of bb's brothers. i have almost no idea what the plan is, but i'm hoping that we have dinner somewhere awesome!

sunday, i'm hoping for a nice relaxing day... with a nice relaxing dinner (and hopefully some grocery shopping to set us up for dinners next week! fingers crossed!). perhaps a sunday roast? or maybe some delicious takeaway? our local indian and thai restaurants are fairly amazing ;)

what are your meal plans for the week? are you cooking something new? or playing it safe (like me :D)?

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