Sunday, February 3, 2013


after posting my list for last month, i managed to follow through and got a fair amount of it done!
breakfast and taking lunch happened fairly regularly which was great!
i visited my grandma and we FINALLY bought a new mattress (the one we've been sleeping on the last 7 years was second hand to begin with...)
i got my inbox under control but didn't get another softie started...
i managed to finish 1 assignment (i've another mostly done) and well, i only really ran once... but this month! this month i have BIG plans!

and i'm using my diary again!
i am truly loving this part of my diary to make my goals for the month!
i've always got my diary with me, so i can add to the list for the next month, or cross things off my current list on the go!

my other big intention for this month is MEAL PLANNING!
i'll be back for sure on monday with a meal plan for the week!

i'm also trying to wear a different hairstyle for every day of february (it's a short month, not too many hairstyles needed ;D)
you can play along by using #hairstyleaday hashtag on twitter or instagram if you want to!

what are your plans for this month? have you written a list? are you meal planning this month?


Ana BC said...

When the goals are written, I guess they are easier to remember...Good luck!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I started journaling at the beginning of the year and was doing great until I got busy a couple of weeks ago and forgot and now I can't remember a thing I did on any given day. :/ I don't meal plan -- I usually keep the same basic ingredients on hand for the recipes I like making over and over again -- that way I can always whip something up rather quickly. Setting goals is a good thing. Helps to keep you on track. I've tried to set a schedule for cleaning but I never, ever stick to it. Cleaning ... bleh! Have a great day. Tammy

Lyndel said...

oh I love lists. I make one every day, usual boring stuff like

blah blah... I hope to get into a routine with meal planning soon, great idea