Wednesday, February 6, 2013


i couldn't tell you the last time the oven was on to bake! before yesterday that is...

yesterday, i decided i'd get to using the three soft and squishy bananas in the fruit bowl, before they became worm food!

i toddled off to the supermarket in the morning to get the couple of things i was missing from the recipe (yes, THE recipe. it's amazing), mixed them all up and...

voila! banana bread!

mum came over for lunch yesterday, so we purposely had only a small lunch, so we could fit in a slice of this afterwards! DIVINE!

i've also got some baking planned for this morning...

this dough rested all day yesterday, and throughout the night, ready to go into the oven this morning!
i came across this recipe the other day on pinterest and knew i had to give it a go!
it took me a maximum of 5 minutes to put everything together yesterday, and all i need to do this morning is to whack it in the oven!

i can't wait!
keep your fingers crossed it turns out ok for me?

have you been baking recently?
what have you been baking?
what's your favourtie thing to bake when you get time?


Ana BC said...

Probably I like cookies the best, or cobbler. Let us know how your baking went...

Mistea said...

My oven has been on lately too - trying to emulate my sister's lemonade scones recipe - Delicious.

Tammy said...

I bake at least several times a week -- cookies or muffins usually, as I take them to work and leave them on my desk which makes my co-workers happy. I've only made homemade bread -- the kind that requires yeast, maybe once, when I was in high school. Really must try it again. How did yours turn out? Tammy