Friday, June 22, 2012

what i'm reading...

it's been a long time since i did one of these posts, not because i haven't had time, but because i haven't been reading!
the last couple of months, reading has just been one of those things that i haven't quite gotten around to... partly because when i get into bed, i'm exhausted, and partly because of a complete lack of light in our bedroom to read with.

well i can happily say that changed on tuesday this week,

with the addition of these beauties to our bedroom! i love their retro style and that blue *swoon*

so back to what i've been reading...
i started these two while i was away.

they were the perfect size to carry around in my bag and i therefore read them a lot on the go... on the plane, on the beach, in the spa, brilliant holiday size really.
and the read itself was pretty good too! i'm not a huge fantasy fan when it comes to literature, but bb is. he basically forced me to take these with me and i'm super glad he did!
i just need to get to reading the other 35 books in the series...

the next thing on my reading to-do list are these chunky things

i'm back to studying part time at the moment. a work related (and paid for!) certificate IV through an online learning provider.
as much as i know i am a born procrastinator when it comes to all things study related, i'm actually really looking forward to the learning aspect. i love to learn :D

now that i've got those swanky reading lights too, i'm hoping to finally make use of the library membership i took up well over a year ago too! we'll see what happens...

what have you been reading lately?

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