Friday, June 1, 2012


last month i mentioned that april was the quickest month ever, but i think may would have to take that award!
now, what did i have planned for may...
i wanted to get my beanies finished, check.

i also wanted to get my bamcal squares done too...

also check.

i was hoping to get the final two cupboards in the kitchen painted too, but due to me not ever having more than one day off at a time, unfortunately didn't come to fruition. bum.

i did however get that skirt finished, last night, just before the deadline... but it needs a post of it's very own to show off my excellent basic pattern-making skills.
and as for the quilt and knitted jumper plans... they'll have to wait a little while longer i think...

which brings us to my magnificent plans for june...
you know what? i don't actually have anything grand planned!
well i do, but nothing crafty... i've got a couple of getaways planned over this month. one to fnq to celebrate some nuptials, and a cosy catch up weekend with my lovely lady cousins and aunties.
i'm very much looking forward to both and i'm guessing both will inspire some on-the-go crafting.
i'd look forward to many posts about different patterned dishcloths, in a rainbow of new colours.

what are you up to this month?

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