Monday, June 25, 2012

meal planning monday.

monday again. after a weekend away, i definitely need me some planning to get myself through this week!

for tonight, i've got some chicken in the fridge, ready to go, so i'm thinking some mediterranean chicken for the slow cooker. sans olives (neither bb or i are a big fan) and maybe with some home-made pasta...

tomorrow night, date night. i'm craving some dumplings, so we'll be heading somewhere with some delicious ones!

wednesday night is ncb night, meaning we'll have a special dinner guest. i'm thinking italian meatballs. in the slow-cooker of course.

thursday night, i'm keen to try slow-cooked chicken cacciatore with a parmesan crust. delish!

and friday, i'll pop and aberdeen sausage in the slow cooker before i go to work. i've never had or made one before, but it sure sounds delicious!

saturday and sunday i'll leave up to bb. he's quite the chef when he sets his mind to it! last week, he made the most delicious rolled pork belly roast. to die for!!

what are your meal plans for the week?

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