Sunday, March 18, 2012

sunday snippets.

joining in with tinniegirl for sunday snippets!

post surgery chipmunk face.

and post surgery snack. i've eaten a lot of sorbet this week...

soaking up some rays.

knitted up a quick washcloth (pattern). i've gotten another on my needles now :D

first solid dinner in a long while, courtesy of the ashwood farmer's market.

now i'd better hop off to bed, back to full time work tomorrow and i've got a delicious slow cooker meal organised that i have to get up early to get started :D

how has your week been?


Lea said...

oh my niece just had all her wisdom teeth out this week too. Hope you are feeling better very soon.

Yvette Adams said...

Hey you don't look too bad. :) I have photos from when I had mine out when I was 21 - VERY unattractive. And one side of my face was much more swollen than the other so I was ugly AND asymetrical. LOL

gb80 said...

Oooh ouch, I have to get mine out at some stage, the thought of it frightens the bejeesers out of me!

Strange question but by chance are they Lockton Farm sausages? If so there is a good chance my hubby made them hehe. And hopefully you liked them ;)

Hope you're feeling better.


chelle said...

that sunshine looks divine!

RobynLouise said...

OUCH! I had 4 wisdom teeth out when I was 21 at Westmead Dental Hospital under general anaesthetic because the roots were so long. Family joke was that the surgeon must have had to put his knee on my chest to lever the teeth out as I had bruising from under my right eye all the way down to the middle of my chest! The funny surgeon said I must have developed teeth like my horses as they were the longest roots he'd seen for years.
Unfortunately my genes passed on to my 2 older children and they each had 4 huge wisdom teeth removed :(. Hopefully the youngest will take after her father.
Hope you feel better soon.
I love your bamcal squares - very pretty :D!

Cherie said...

Get well soon :)

Shells said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Cathie said...

oh no Nicole, how are you feeling now?
hope you have had a quiet few days ♥