Sunday, August 14, 2011

flea market finds.

this weekend just gone, bb and i headed off on a weekend away to lorne. it was a great adventure for the two of us as both of us had grown up on the south east coast of victoria and therefore had never spent much time on the south west coast.
my main priority once we got there on friday night was to hunt down an op-shop or two. we found one on the main street that said it was open 10-4 every day (optimistically, no it really said optimistically!)

before lunch the next day we headed back down. after a quick look around (wasn't really in the mood for a dig through anything...) we were about to head out when i spotted this high up on a shelf.

it was love at first sight and i knew it was destined to be mine.

i have no idea what i want to do with it, or what i should keep in it, but i'm very excited to have it home and sitting on top of my heater!

more flea market finds over with sophie!


Vintage Sweetheart said...

It's such a pretty colour too! I definitely would of bought it too.

E :)

Max said...

It is a great colour and could have a myriad of uses, in addition to just sitting looking pretty x

Lyndel said...

good one! dont worry about what to do with it, put a few balls of wool inside and it'll be seen as something useful!

Cathy said...

oh it looks to be in lovely shape!