Tuesday, April 26, 2011

easter diy.

apparently (well according to bunnings ads...), the easter long weekend is a fantastic time to get some of those diy projects done that you've been putting off.
i think it might have been the (not so subliminal) advertising at work but last night i decided to get in on some of this diy action. i thought i'd make a start on something i've been putting off since we pretty much moved in... the bathroom cabinet (warning: gruesome picture)

yes, that is duct tape. and mold. and some very tacky wallpaper with clear contact over the top.
needless to say it was a NIGHTMARE to strip back. but i got it done. and then i sanded it all and cleaned it! it was a particularly productive night last night... probably would have gotten it all done too, if k-mart still stocked house paint.
in any case, i waited til bunnings was open today and bought some paint and ta-da!

the first coat is done! looks much better in my books. one or two more coats and i'll be able to put everything back in where it belongs (and out of the box in my bedroom...)
the next challenge will be to pretty up the front of the mirror...

yes, more duct tape. by the end of this i think i'll be ready to throttle the person who decided duct tape was a good framing solution. actually i think i'm already there...

i'm off to trawl ravelry for a cushion pattern, to knit or crochet, that is the question?
are you joining in with vic's cushion swap?

sign up is closed now and we've all been sent the address and blog address of the person we're sending our cushion to, i think i might have a bit of a browse of my cushion receiver so i can (hopefully) make one she'll like!

and you know what? because this is my 200th blog post, i'll make you one of you one too!
leave a comment on this post and i'll draw a winner this sunday (1/5) at 8pm. just one comment per person please!
so even if you missed out on the cushion swap sign up, you could still get a cushion!


Lyndel said...

well done on the bathroom cupboard. If you are going to Northcote on Wed (it is this Wed.I presume?) I'll try to bring a few cushion patterns with me♥

Cathie said...

i was just reading thinking.."oohh, i hope Nicole is my cushion maker I'd love one by her" and then you go & have a giveaway..yipppeee, I'm in.
Happy 200th post Nicole!! see you tomorrow ♥

tartankiwi said...

200 posts?! Wow!! Congratulations!!!
Well done on the DIY too, looks great :-)

Catherine said...

Congratulations on 200 posts, and a much improved cabinet! (but don't count me in the giveaway, I'm in the swap, and that's enough for me...)x