Wednesday, February 17, 2021

lockdown 3.5

day five of lockdown and today we found out it would be our last day! huzzah!!
the snap lockdown that the government decided to go with last thursday, seems to have done the job and allowed the contact tracers to do their jobs effectively. for us that means, an easing of restrictions tomorrow!

have plans to catch up with my folks and maybe a friend and run a bunch of errands that have been patiently waiting on my list to be done...
first cab off the rank (after kinder drop off) will be a tub full of mulch as i got to finish pruning the daisies this afternoon!

a garden bed, edged with red bricks, with heavily pruned pink daisies along the back, with irises, purple sage and a purple daisy along the front

the job i've done is quite severe, but i'm hoping that they'll come back regardless... must remember to keep the water up to them the next couple of days as it will be quite warm here!
still need to take care of that purple salvia in the front there, but my purple daisy and irises are neatened up already and i can't wait to be able to call this garden bed done for a wee while.

another kinder day today, and this was what got packed for ag to eat during the day...

a round stainless steel lunchbox, packed with crackers and cheese, watermelon and red grapes wrapped in a red beeswax wrap, sticks of cucumber, capsicum, carrot and snowpeas with some hommus in a square red silicon container and a sliced up sausage with tomato sauce in a yellow square silicon container

salad sticks with hommus, watermelon and grapes, leftover sausage with some tomato sauce and some crackers and cheese. he also had some cooked leftover pasta for his lunch, though that wasn't as photogenic ha ha.
i do get a bit of a kick out of packing up his lunch and snacks to take to kinder at the moment. and i say at the moment, as i'm sure it will become quite the chore as our education years wane on and ej joins in on the action too ha ha.

and a note to self here...

two young people with their backs to the camera, surveying a recently broken white dish that was being used as a bird bath

don't leave ej unattended outside for more than 2 seconds.
he grabbed a big toy car, and hoisted it at our bird bath. why? i'll never know.
but you'd better believe finding a replacement dish at the opshop is on the agenda for tomorrow!

had any toddler-related disasters lately? what was the favourite part of your day today?


Tammy said...

Uh-oh! I'm sure the little birdies will be happy to get their bath back. ;) We still have an evening curfew here. It's been a month now, or longer. Can't even remember. It will continue for at least another 6 weeks and they are even considering a 2 week complete lockdown sometime in May. It's really all very frustrating. ids here haven't even been to school in over a year now. I can't imagine what's happening in some homes where there's no parental support or routine. Looks like you are enjoying your garden. Thanks for visiting again. It's been awhile. Hard to believe you have two boys now. Mine are both in the States and I miss them a lot. Really can't wait to be able to travel again. Take care.

ROMY said...

have plans to catch up with my folks and maybe a friend and run a bunch of errands that have been patiently waiting on my list to be done...
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