Monday, February 15, 2021

lockdown 3.3

so it turns out i lasted 3 days into this third lockdown before breaking out the sweet baking... oops!
since the begin of 2021, i've been working on my comfort eating proclivities, and i must say, though i haven't been comfort eating toooooo much this time around, it's definitely sneaking back in!!
bread on saturday, and now chocolate brownie too!

a white hand holding a square of dark brown, chocolate brownie

i'm convincing myself that it could be worse, as at least this batch has a big whack of zucchini through it... between that and the cacao, it's basically a health food right?

anywho, before delicious baking happened, we got out and had a mega family walk today.
it was lovely as we'd all been (mostly) home for the whole weekend. spending time both inside and out, but home all the same.
we took a stroll into town, and then out to the recreation reserve, where we ran around the football and cricket ovals and got in a quick swing before heading back home on tired legs.
was a great way to get out some daily widgets, and sail into naptime nice and smoothly ha ha.

speaking of which, it wasn't just ej down for a nap, but me too! i had a lay down to read a few pages of my book and fell straight asleep! oops!!

i made up for my midday malaise by getting out while dinner was cooking (roast lamb for the win!) and getting busy with the hedge trimmer!

out the front of our house, in front of our little porch (which is currently the catch all for so many things, gah! i'm working on it though!) is a hedge of four pink daisy plants. when i planted them out originally, i had no idea they'd get SO big. in fact, i planted other things in between them, but they were completely crowded out and died!

an overgrown pink daisy hedge with lots of dead daisy heads. there is an iris plant in the foreground

in any case, as you can see in the above photo (maybe, the sun was not in a kind position and i was taking VERY quick photos!) they're quite bushy and out of control. they're also covered in dead daisy heads. well at least they were...

a freshly-trimmed pink daisy hedge

i got quite savage with the hedge trimmer and took them quite a ways back.
though not quite as far as i intend to take them...

a heavily trimmed section of the pink daisy hedge

i'm hoping to get them all trimmed back like the above photo, over the next couple of days. then i can weed around them thoroughly, sort out the purple daisy and salvia that are growing in front of it, and give this whole bed a good mulching.
hopefully it'll be soon looking in tip top shape, can't wait!

any out of control corners of your garden? what's your go-to baking recipe? what was the favourite part of your day today?

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