Saturday, February 13, 2021

lockdown 3.1

so how do you start a blogpost after two and a half years?

over the many weeks of lockdown that we've experienced in victoria over the last 12 months, i've thought many times about firing up ye ol' blogger website and tippy-tapping out some thoughts, but it's taken until this lockdown, a hopefully only 5-day affair, to actually get started.

quite a bit has happened over the last 30 months, so much work on the house we'd just moved into. lots of gardening, a bathroom reno and a whole lot of primping and fussing ha ha.
we also welcomed another bubba into our lives. young edward john (or ej from here on out), joined us earth side in june of 2019. he's now a 19 month bundle of cheeks and giggles and gas and is an utter delight when he's in a good mood.

then there's the last 12 months of on and off lockdowns... make a plan and covid-19 is here to ruin it... it's been a blessing at times, as well as an absolute nightmare. looking after small people, cut off from your village is a tough one. but it has also meant that bb has experienced so much more of their little lives than if he was working from his office five days a week.
we've also been lucky to live where we are, with an abundance of space and very few community cases. our health has never felt in huge jeopardy, and we feel for others who are in different situations to ours.

anywho, i thought this an opportunity to reset, get back on the blogging bandwagon, and perhaps establish one or two nice habit to get through the day...

homemade white bread spread with butter and sprinkled with salt flakes
pancakes with strawberries on top with a mug of tea in the background
crocheted temperature blanket square with blue and grey yarns

today brought some delicious pancakes for breakfast, egg and banana style, with a scraping of this deliciousness and some microwaved strawberries.
followed by a dance party in our lounge room while it rained down outside.
the sun started shining so we all got outside for some gardening time, until it started raining again... then i persisted, pottering about, repotting seedling to share, and planting some others in our various veggie patches and starting a long overdue tidy up of a couple of our flower beds.
the afternoon found us watching a movie together. ej wasn't so interested, so vascillated between cuddling and playing. ag is now four, and is all about an afternoon movie!
i escaped back out in the backyard for a little while with a glass of cider to catch up with some friends via zoom, before popping back in to sort out dinner... turns out though, when you bake a fresh loaf of bread, that is all anyone wants *facepalm*
the children were not at all interested in the chicken and vegetable soup i had on the table for them, and the salmon and veggies for bb and i... well, leftovers are plentiful!
once the boys were in bed, i caught up on the temperature blanket i'm working on for this year, while bb and i watched 'wandavision' which i am LOVING!
i'm not a huge marvel nerd, but it's SO cool to watch it all come together and play out within the season and i CANNOT wait until the next episode. so exciting!!

how have you been coping with lockdown over the past 12 months? what's been the favourite part of your day today?*

we always ask that last question over dinner as a family, it's always interesting to hear what ag and bb say... and it's a nice way of reviewing your day with gratitude too!

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