Thursday, September 17, 2015

show and tell.

as predicted last week, the socks i've been working on ARE done this week. just.
i may have cast them off last night. quite late. oops!

in any case, they're done and dusted!

blue tip top toe socks from above

these socks, used yarn and a pattern from the inaugural yarnhaus "box of sox" and since i signed up for a 6 month subscription, there'll be a lot more socks in my future!

the first installment, came with the pattern 'tip top toe socks' with the option to knit the socks, toe-up, or top-down.
i opted for the toe-up option, with my last two pairs of top down socks not fitting so well (one because i ran out of yarn mid-way through the foot, the other because i didn't anticipate the amount of stretch in the rib).
i also converted the pattern to knit two-at-a-time to avoid the whole potential second sock-itis issue. it also definitely made it easier to ensure both socks were the same size too!

blue tip top toe socks from front

the socks overall have quite a firm fit... though in these photos, they haven't been blocked. i'm anticipating a little bit of stretch with wear, which seems to be what happens with most of my hand-knitted socks.
i was very naughty and didn't swatch for these, which would explain why i have quite a bit of yarn left, despite knitting them a little longer than i was first expecting to.

my reason for not swatching, had nothing to do with yarn quantity though, and everything to do with just wanting to get them on my needles!
in fact, i was so keen, i decided not to wait the two days until i was back at work and had easy access to a swift and yarn winder, but wind the skein by hand. WHAT A NIGHTMARE! the skein got SO tangled, it took me FOUR days to untangle. seriously!
such a fool i am!

blue tip top toe socks from behind. showing off delicate and sparse cable detail

anywho, i'm super excited to welcome this pair into my stable of hand-knitted socks.

are you a sock knitter? do you wear hand-knitted socks? what have you been making this week?


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

They are lovely. I can't even imagine how you knit two at a time. Amazing!

Betsy said...

I think your socks are beautiful and I love the color. I need to learn to knit two at a time since I get bored easily no don't want to finish the second one.