Monday, September 21, 2015

meal planning monday.

my goodness, it has been a few weeks between meal plans huh?
i think i've just about got my head back in the game now though, we'll see shall we?

rolled pork belly with coleslaw, broad beans, peas and a red wine jus from 1918 in tanunda

tonight, i'll grab some steaks from the butcher's near work on my lunch break and throw together a big ol' salad to serve with it.
if the weather wasn't about to turn to crap, i'd consider firing up the bbq for the first time this spring... but they'll cook up just fine on the griddle pan inside i guess.

tomorrow night is bb's birthday. we'll celebrate with delicious indian food at our local. it should be ace!

wednesday, i think i'll put some beef ribs in the slow cooker to braise. i have the day off, but it means i can garden and knit instead of mucking around in the kitchen. most excellent.

thursday, i'm working late. i'll pop some satay chicken in the slow cooker. super easy and delicious and the perfect thing to come home from work to.

friday night, i'm hoping to catch up with some friends for dinner. maybe homemade pizzas and football? could be just the ticket.

saturday, i'll be working during the day, so i'll leave bb in charge of cooking dinner. we'll see how that goes ha ha.

sunday night, roast night. there's a chook in the freezer that will fit the bill beautifully.

what are you eating this week? do you use a slow cooker too?

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