Sunday, September 20, 2015

my week.

working on my blue tip top toe socks in the pokie room with incredibly loud carpet in the background freesias on the kitchen bench at the farm a cup of tea in the sunshine, looking out from the deck at the farm a beautiful blue sky day sampson, the ginger kitty, lying in a carpet suitcase

last weekend, i was at the craft sessions, so didn't quite get around to a 'my week' post. i thought i'd get a chance to put together a craft sessions round up during the week, but it just didn't happen. another big week in these here parts.

i spent quite a bit of time, focused time, finishing up my socks. i was desperate to get them finished and on the blog on thursday.
this photo was taken in the gaming room at a country pub. how much does the carpet rival the upholstery on public transport ha ha?
also, i am clearly NOT a gambler. i like to test my luck with my knitting instead.

freesia season is hands-down, my favourite time of the year. i love spring SO much.
this bunch was picked from my little brother's front yard. he had no idea they were growing there so i was more than happy to take them off his hands!

time spent at mum and dad's, will always involve sitting outside with a cup of tea. bonus points for sunshine and a view off the side of the deck looking over the property. oh and while still in my pyjamas. bliss!

monday of this week was a tough one. funerals are hard, but i was very thankful for the blue skies that abounded.
it was a beautiful service though, for a truly amazing lady who will be missed terribly.

and speaking of being missed, sampson tried to make sure i wasn't going to go anywhere by camping out in my suitcase. poor thing has been very lonely, as for the first fortnight in september, i only spent a grand total of 5 nights at home!
i'm a little pooped, but have been super happy to spend a few nights at home this week.

what has your week been like? do you like freesias?

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Betsy said...

Love your photos today. Your knitting is coming along nicely and those flowers are gorgeous! And such a pretty blue, blue sky. Thank you for letting us experience your week in pictures. :-)