Sunday, September 27, 2015

my week.

the start of a knitted cardigan, pattern is tikkiknits 'granny's favourite', in orange colinette cadenza a green tree frog in a tank at the local florist a glass of sparkling wine with a vase of natives lemon tart and chocolate brownie, shared with a friend a dinner of pizza and arancini balls shared with a friend knitting and green tea, sitting on the foreshore in geelong

this week saw me heading back to work full time after quite a few weeks off. i still managed to squeeze in heaps of fun bits though... it would also explain why i'm so absolutely pooped right now ha ha!

last weekend, i picked up a little bit of yarn in the sale we were having at work... and promptly cast on this beauty.
after knitting some slooooooow sleeves for bb's grown-up-sized jumper, this knit up very quickly! or it was knitting up quickly, until i put it aside to continue on with bb's sleeves. hopefully both will be done in no time!

i met this little green fellow in the florist near work. he was hiding in the back, but struck a pose as soon as i pulled my phone out. handsome devil.

a wee tipple this afternoon, to celebrate a beautiful lady's birthday. missing her greatly, as i'm sure many of her friends and family are.

lots of good excuses to go out for good food this week, first up, to celebrate a good mate from work moving on to bigger and brighter things. cocktails and tapas followed by decadent dessert never goes astray.
and secondly, to thank another lovely friend, for helping to design my wedding stationary. pizza and beer all round!

a whirlwind roadtrip to help bb with some work stuff on thursday, saw me with a little bit of time to soak up some sunshine beach-side while enjoying a flask of tea and some knitting. no complaints from me!

what has your week looked like? seen any frogs lately?


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Looks like a lovely week indeed. Love the peachy color of that yarn in the first photo. Hope you had a great weekend.

Betsy said...

A busy week indeed. Your knitting looks beautiful, and I like the little green guy. He looks happy! :-)