Monday, April 27, 2015

meal planning monday.

so organised last week with my meal plan going up on the blog nice and early in the day, this week, not so much!
it's been a very interesting past few days, with lots of nights out. bit exhausted actually and thoroughly looking forward to a pj night tomorrow night ha ha!

tonight, i've just gotten home from a staff night out at an afghan restaurant. had never had afghan food before and it was delicious!! will definitely be going back i think.

tomorrow night, relaxing night in for sure. i might pick up some meat from the butcher in my lunch break, and cook up lotsa veggies to go with whatever i find. i need some plain and simple cooking!

wednesday night is supposed to be ncb week, but i think i'll need another night at home... i have the day off from work, but have lots to do with some grocery shopping needing to be done, as well as having the car booked in for a service. hoping i'll have enough time to come home and whip up some tandoori chicken. i planned it for a couple of weeks ago, but it never happened!

thursday night, i'll be working late, so i'll pop some osso bucco in the slow cooker. pasta and some spinach stirred through in the last few minutes will be the perfect.

friday night, i'm heading into the city and getting my bowl on with bb and his work crew. should be super fun!

saturday, my mumma is coming to visit during the day. i might pop something in the oven to roast in the afternoon when she leaves so i can relax and chill out while it cooks. can't wait!

and sunday, i'm hoping to maybe head into the city and check out an expo that is on. we'll see if that actually happens or not though. more likely it'll be a pj day with leftovers for dinner ha ha.

what are you eating this week? have you had afghan food before? are you a good bowler?

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