Tuesday, April 21, 2015

100 days of creativity - week 1.

as i mentioned in my april post, i've decided to play along with #the100dayproject, though not officially on the website... i didn't realise there WAS a website sign up until it was too late TO sign up. oh well!
i'll be playing along on instagram though, and sharing week by week on this here blog too.

being a day by day challenge, there's lots of little snippets that add up to a whole project at a later stage...

a start and finish to a wee little green beanie, a start and finish to a teeny red sock as well as a start to a second to make a pair. oh and the start of an additional adult sized beanie, to send off to the beanie festival next month.

with one week down, i feel like i'm making a start on the list i shared back here and i'm staying super motivated.
hopefully it lasts!

follow along with my adventures with #nicolegetscrafty on instagram if you'd like...

are you playing along with the 100 day project?

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