Monday, April 20, 2015

meal planning monday.

now last week's meal plan? well that didn't exactly go as i'd expected...
a combination of me forgetting to take the appropriate thing out of the freezer at the appropriate time, as well as bb taking a few days off from work. but onwards and upwards.
it's a new week and i feel as though i'm starting things out the right way, with an early morning, a steaming bowl of porridge and a nice big cup of tea.

for tonight, there is bolognaise sauce defrosting in the fridge right this second. should mean a delicious easy and QUICK dinner. just as well as i have lots planned for tonight!

tomorrow night, i'll grab some marinated chicken fillets out of the freezer and serve them up with everything i can find in the vegie crisper.

wednesday, i'm hoping to spend most of the day at home! i have my fingers crossed for inclement weather enough to make it to the local greengrocer and stock up on soup making supplies. a big pot of soup on the stove will be perfect.

thursday night, i'm heading into abbotsford to catch up with some of my cousins. should be great fun!

friday, i'm heading out again! this time for a friend's birthday drinks. heading into the unknown territory of the western suburbs but it should be a fabulous time!

saturday, i'll be in need of a quiet night in for sure! here's hoping for a homemade pizza.

because sunday, i'm heading out again! staff night out and i think indian is on the cards. can't go wrong!

what are your plans for the week ahead? are you healthy monday thoughts being thwarted by that dessert spread above too? such a good night out for ncb last week!

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Megan said...

Its so annoying when you realise forgotten to take something out of the freezer isn't it? I hate defrosting meat in the microwave.
Tonight's plan went out the window because we were both home late so its toasties. I'm planning a cottage pie for next week though. Hope your soup plans for tomorrow come into fruition and enjoy the day at home.