Tuesday, March 17, 2015

meal planning monday.

on a tuesday. oops. i am struggling to plan head at the moment, i won't lie. i can cast my brain ahead maybe a day or two if i'm lucky ha ha.
let's see how we go with this meal plan though, considering i'm already almost two days into the week, maybe it will go ok.

last night, i grabbed some ravioli out of the freezer and served it with some reduced passata with some fresh basil stirred through. it was delicious!

tonight, i'm about to cook up some burgers. i grabbed a couple of buns from the supermarket and some fresh salad mix from the green grocer. should be yummy!

tomorrow night, i'm heading into the city for a trivia night and to catch up with some pals. i believe that food is provided, but being in the city, i'm sure i'll find something to munch on if it's not...

thursday night, i'm working late. i'll pop some osso bucco in the slow cooker before i leave. should be awesome to come home to.

friday night, i have the night off from work! my second friday night off in a row! i've got a wee hankering for pasta (every. single. day.) so i might grab some chorizo and fennel and make a meal of it. yuuuuuuum!

saturday night, bb can cook! i'll be working so i think that's only fair ha ha!

and sunday? sunday? well... i think i might cook a roast of some description... maybe chicken? then i can make chicken stock over night yeah! my freezer stocks are running a little low...

what are you cooking this week? how good are you at thinking ahead?

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