Thursday, March 5, 2015


ok so this post is a few days later than i would have liked... work life balance isn't going so well at the moment ha ha.
i'm slowly getting there though... while simultaneously recovering from an ear infection. not surprisingly a little run down from working a little too much.
it's ok though, as march is set to be a pretty rad month!

but first, february...

i set myself a pretty big list for february, considering i knew i'd be working 6 days a week...
i think i managed ONE session of yoga, and only ran on 2 of the sundays... definitely room for improvement in the month ahead.
i'm still very much off the wagon with the 5 minutes of green time a day. but i'm desperate to get back into it! mornings will be key once we lose daylight savings time i think...
on the knitting front i got a little done. my hitchhiker is done! and my whorl is well on it's way. no beanies unfortunately though...
oh and i managed another book too! the second book in the maze runner series. quite a compelling read.

and for march? i'd love to finish up my whorl, as well as actually get some beanies on and off my needles.
5 minutes a day in the garden wouldn't go astray to keep things ticking over out there... i feel like i should be getting some seeds happening for some wintery crops so they can be planted once my tomatoes are done.

i'd also like to make a little more headway on my passport too... i've realised i have NO idea where my birth certificate is, so will probably need to apply for another, gah! and bb has never ever gotten his... birth certificates needed all round!

what are you plans for march? any tips for passport applications?

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Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I can never stay on a schedule and never follow through with all my plans. In fact, this past week, I've been pretty much useless when I get home from work, just doing the necessary and nothing more. Good luck with your March plans. :) Tammy