Monday, September 10, 2012

meal planning monday.

after my study week in sydney last week, i am finding it SO difficult to get back into the cooking mojo!
a week of buying dinners and not have to think about, or prepare food, got me wayyyy out of the habit!

meal planning monday to the rescue!

tonight, i cooked up some marinated lamb steaks, some sweet potato fries and a simple salad. i nearly, NEARLY, took the drive-thru option. kinda glad i didn't though, it felt good to get some food cooking and prepared :D

tomorrow night is date night. and we're heading out! i feel like it's been an age since i've been out with my man ;) a pub meal and a nice glass of wine will be the ticket i think!

wednesday night needs to be nice and simple. aspaghetti carbonara will do the trick. yummy, especially with some fresh greens on top!

thursday night, pasta again? oooooooook! i could honestly eat pasta 7 days a week! i've got some of rowan's rocket pesto in the freezer, i'll thaw it out and mix it up with some fresh cherry tomatoes and a whoooooole lotta fettucine. yum!

friday night, i think i'll throw something in the slow-cooker (poor ol' thing won't know itself, it's had a LOT of time off!) the cashew chicken i made a couple of weeks ago, was absolutely DELICIOUS! so i'll make that one again :D

saturday, i'm working all day. ho hum. i'm thinking i might find something delicious to throw on the bbq. spring i have faith that you will provide sunshine, well i AM working all day so it's pretty much assured ha ha!

sunday, a peaceful day at home with my love. some kind of slow roasted delight will be just the thing. yum!

ok, so that wasn't so hard... i can definitely get back into the swing of this cooking thing again!

the home of meal planning monday

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RobynLouise said...

Yum, think I'll come live at your house this week!