Wednesday, September 26, 2012

birthday scarf.

b has been staring longingly at my wool stash for a few months, and not so subtly requesting a new scarf for himself.

i decided to get him one knitted for his birthday...
knitting in secret to make it a surprise is not so easy!
there were many times i thought he was thoroughly engrossed in game world, only to find him trundling up the hall behind me.
i'm getting pretty good at stuffing scarf bits into bags/under my arm to hide them!!

the pattern is a rib stitch (k2p2) and i cast on 30 stitches on 6mm needles with bendigo woolen mills luxury in navy blue.
if i knit another, i'd probably cast on more stitches as it wasn't as wide as i'd liked, the rib tending to pull the sides in.

i was a little late with my delivery, b's birthday being on saturday just gone, but he'll be able to wear it to work today, hopefully happy with how it turned out :)

what crafty bits and pieces have you been up to lately?
have you made any gifts?
started any CHRISTMAS (dun, dun, DUN!) crafting yet?

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Cas said...

aww i love it :) he must be so pleased with his new scarf & just in time before it gets too warm.