Sunday, September 2, 2012

happy father's day!

today is father's day! but instead of making my dad breakfast in bed, i'm at home packing. i'm off to sydney today!!

luckily, i had the day off yesterday and bb and i could go for a drive and visit our dads to celebrate!

as i shared on thursday, i was getting making for my dad...

first up, a belated birthday present...

a phone sock!

and for father's day... something to match!

a keep cup cosy :D

i also got him a pretty awesome card

courtesy of geek amour!
dad and i used to watch macgyver together when i was a kid... when i showed bb, he had no idea who macgyver even was!!! poor sheltered boy!

happy father's day to all the papa's out there! and the single mummas that have to be mum AND dad!!

ps. any clues as to good food spots in sydney? i have NO clue!


Lea said...

Great card. Can't believe your love doesn't know McGyver! If you having a splurge in Sydney then my pick is Doyle's on Circular quay. Awesome view, stroll along harbor, head out on a ferry ride. Google it to see their menu and prices.

Cas said...

love the card :) cant believe he didnt know what McGyver was!

Sally said...

That card is so cool.
Loving the phone sock and cup cozy too. You're dad must have been stoked.