Monday, July 30, 2012

meal planning monday.

another busy week calls for another week of meal planning!
i've got big plans for budgeting in the coming month and i'm thinking only the most stringent of planning will make them happen...

tonight, i think i might actually make this carbonara... it didn't quite happen last week and i was very much looking forward to it...
must remember to put bacon on the shopping list as that's where it all fell apart last week!

tomorrow night, date night! being the last day of july, i think we might head out to our favourite thai place :D very much looking forward to some red duck curry!

wednesday, i think i'll definitely pop something in the slow cooker. after a big day at work, coming home to an almost cooked dinner of tomato spiralli beef will be most welcome.

for thursday, the slow cooker will be in action again. lamb and sweet potato with a rice crust. yep, that'll work :D

friday i'll be working late. satay chicken in the slow-cooker. bb can pop on some rice when he gets home. dinner will be ready by the time i finish work!!

i have this weekend off from work so i've many plans. one of which being delicious steaks with salad and some home-made onion rings. i've been wanting to make some for ages!

sunday, i'm hoping to whip up some fresh pasta... not sure what i'll end up doing with it, maybe some fresh linguine, maybe some egg yolk ravioli? only time will tell :D

do you have meal plans for the coming week?
what have you been cooking lately?

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