Wednesday, July 25, 2012

a few finishes...

i mentioned last week, that i'd been working on a few things... so today i thought i'd share some finishes with you!

first up, this cute little doorstop.

i was sick of having random things holding open my bedroom door (heatpack, laptop case, pile of books), so decided to whip up a little door stop. i used some fabric from my stash, which i believe was gifted to me by the lovely anna. i do love it when people share their de-stash efforts :D thanks anna!

next up, a beanie (or two)

this awesome pattern was thought up (and written down) by the amazing lisa and is available for purchase here!
it knits up super quickly and the texture is amazing :D
this is actually the third i've made. the first is still unfinished. the second, went to a co-worker for his birthday. and this one, well this one is a birthday present too!

i've also finished this little project. it was a wedding present for two lovely friends, in celebration of their marriage. years ago, the bride requested i make her a crocheted cactus...
it just took me a while...
i stupidly forgot to take a photo to share once i was done though... clever work nicole!

i've also made a start on something new...

a little something to contribute to wendy's full circle project!
just for something different, i'm painfully un-organised! the entries were supposed to be in last friday! luckily wendy has said i can enter a little late. if you've still got an entry, you should send her an email!

have you finished anything lately?


Cas said...

i'm intrigues with what you have planned for your full circle project!

the Playful Market said...

me too ... can hardly wait to see your Full Circle .... they are looking so good ... yay!!
& thankyou xx