Tuesday, July 3, 2012

meal planning monday. on a tuesday.

i had a fairly late night on sunday (for no particular reason, just couldn't sleep) which meant that yesterday, i was a complete zombie.
it wasn't until late last night, when i was reading through my google reader feed and came across ppmj's post, that i realised it was monday, and i hadn't made a meal plan for the week!

monday, so er, last night... i made an aberdeen sausage in the slow-cooker. i was maybe supposed to make it last friday night. but i managed to run out of time before work in the afternoon. sometimes i'm not so great at time management :D

tuesday night, also know as tonight, is supposed to be date night. however (i've just heard) that we have other plans... i love finding out things at the last minute...

wednesday, i've got plans for chilli con carne in the slow cooker. we even found some delicious corn chips to have with it... should be delicious!

thursday, i'm going to pop a chicken in the slow cooker, with some spices. spicy roast chicken. yum!

hopefully my time management will be a bit better before work this week and i can get a fragrant pork curry in the slow cooker. it'll definitely be nice to come home from work at nine to a hot cooker dinner.

saturday, i think i'll request bb takes me out for dinner. he owes me a date night for the midweek mishap and i think i definitely need a pub steak :D

sunday, we're heading off to a little soiree in the afternoon so i don't think we'll be needing any dinner...

what are your meal plans for the week?
the home of meal planning monday.

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