Thursday, April 5, 2012

my creative space.

today, i'm working on some easter treats for my lovely co-workers!

i started by knitting up a whole bunch of dishcloths, i did already have a few made, but i've been knitting up a storm this past week :D

i then threaded some ribbon through the holes in the edges, don't you love when a pattern has everything you need?! this ribbon is from my nanna's stash, i wondered when i inherited it, what on earth i would use plain white ribbon for, as i normally use thick and colourful stuff but it was absolutely perfect for this!

enter stage left, bowl of delicously tempting, foil-wrapped chocolate. the amount of hand swatting, 'stay away from the chocolate' that was going on last night!

one of each type, collected on top of the dishcloth. i bet you know where this is going now right?

and then pull the ribbon tight! make a pretty bow, and voila!

pretty little easter treats :D

i think these would work great for any time of year really... in fact, i gave one to a lovely lady the other night...
i also had the thought last night, while threading ribbon into the dishcloths, they would be quite lovely for bonbonniere, you could pop something sweet inside for the guests to enjoy, and there would be something practical for them to take home and use :D

what creativity have you been getting up to lately?
have a peek and see what other creative peeps are up to over here!


Leah said...

What a great idea. Those dishcloths are so quick - you're right, they are the perfect gift.

Maxabella said...

These are so sweet, Nicole! Clever idea for Easter. x

Michelle said...

Oh gosh I would love to receive one of these for Easter, they are so, so sweet, might have to have a go ;-)

Judy said...

Great work Nic- love it!!!

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Sigh - these are ridiculously gorgeous - what a beautiful gift idea. Love.