Friday, April 20, 2012

my (late) creative space.

yesterday was a little bit busy, getting housework done, catching up on blog posts, getting dinner ready, and then working, phew! no time for a blog post getting written ha ha!
so what have i been up to over here? apart from working some more rows on this lovely thing, i've been working on my bamcal squares...

two down, one to go. oh and there's the blocking and joining to do too... the end of this month is coming up fast, i'd best get on to them quick sticks!

i've also been playing around with some more dishcloths.

crocheting this time though... i made this one up as i went, crocheting single crocheting into the front loop only to make up the body of the cloth. i think it needs a nice frilly edge though, don't you?

what have you been up to in your creative space?
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