Tuesday, April 3, 2012


it took me a little while to figure out exactly what my goals were for this coming month...

first and foremost, i want to get some sweet easter treats made up. i've got an idea brewing for some little gift bags for my work colleagues :D i'll be sharing those soon i think!

i'd also like to get this big pile of pictures, hung up on the wall.

there's not much point having them sitting here next to my dresser, getting under my feet and collecting dust!

i'm going to keep working on getting my kitchen cupboards painted. last month i managed to get the above-microwave cupboard painted, and also the cupboard under the sink and i'm LOVING the results. not only did i paint the insides, making them look fresh and clean and lovely, i also went through the contents of the cupboard like a dose of salts. i said goodbye to anything that we hadn't touched in the three years since we moved into this place. let's just say the local op-shops are loving me at the moment :D
it's amazing how liberating de-cluttering is for me!

i also have grand intentions to get started on a quilt. i've had a pattern in my head for months and i definitely want to get started on making it! if i can make a dress in a day, i can definitely make a start on a quilt!

oh and i've got the april bamcal squares to do too!

what are you up to this month?

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