Monday, January 16, 2012

this week...

i'm getting my social on a bit! last week, the week of incessant work, was a very hermity week for me. i got home from work and the last thing i wanted to do was anything! it was a big week for finishing work, changing into my jammies, cooking dinner and then crafting on the couch!
this week however will be wayyyy different!
tonight, there's stitch and yarn, and northern craft bonanza on wednesday!

i'll be catching up with all my crafty ladies and knitting up a storm!

tomorrow is my little brother 21st birthday. i have never felt so old! to celebrate with him, i'll be heading down to the country to have some dinner with him and my folks.
friday night i'll be heading back down to the country for the official 21st celebrationings. and heading to a local pub to see the legendary mr. josh pyke with my mum and my brother (hopefully driven by the lovely bb :D), then there's the actual 21st party on saturday night. i'm anticipating quite the sore head on sunday. but gosh it'll be fun doing it!

but today, today i'm catching up on all the little house things that i was too exhausted to get done last week. do you want to see my list?

i was hoping writing in a cute purple pen, on an equally cute list pad, would negate the fact that the list is a whopper! nope, still huge! oh well, wish me luck!!!

what are you up to this week?

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