Monday, January 9, 2012

this week...

well how about last week first? last week i got to getting organised! the couple of ridiculously hot melbourne days we had meant that i locked myself in the only room in the house with air conditioning, the study. luckily, there is a cupboard in there that is packed full of crap that we literally haven't touched since we moved into our house 3 years ago...

a fairly lazy day and a half of sorting (and napping and reading and crochet) resulted in this lovely pile of stuff to go to the op-shop (some of it is from other areas of the house...) and bb and i managed to concentrate our "paper nursing home" ie. the filing cabinets and folders, from a drawer and three file folders, down to half a drawer and a box for appliance warranties and manuals. fairly proud of our efforts!

i also finally got some things hung above our bed! bb had a good read of the instructions (as he does, drives me insane! i'm a very 'just do it' type girl, stuff the instructions!) and discovered that things shouldn't be hung above a bed, in case they fall off in the middle of the night and brain you! anywho, we compromised and i hung some of the smaller, lighter things above the bed.

not exactly the massive hanging wall i was after, but it'll do.

i've also been reading a bit, i think i've almost finished my january book! and i've also been getting some beanies on and off my knitting needles. halfway through my third for the year!

this week, i'm working an awful lot, 6/7 days! bb has also gone back to work today so i'm determined to keep it together! i've got meals planned for a large majority of the week and i'm planning to get to the gym a couple of times this week too...
i'm also hoping the wool i ordered last weekend will show up this week so that i can start working on the bamcal blocks. saying i'm keen to receive the wool would be an understatement. i love wool shopping, i also love mail. mail order wool, be still my beating heart.

what are you up to this week?

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RobynLouise said...

Lol, the items on the wall aren't hanging above bb's side of the bed are they? Just thinking you may feel the urge to 'brain' him after his helpful comments :P. If you have the bedhead about 3-4" from the wall they *mostly* fall between bed and wall, as that's happened to me. Gave me a heck of a fright when something went thump behind my head in the night though!!