Wednesday, June 15, 2011

flood relief blankie ta-da!

it's done! it is alllllll done!
i finished the last part of the border on monday night but haven't had a chance to get it photographed til today! it's very hard to get nice lighting when you come home from work and it's dark!

even so, not the greatest photo, i didn't have anywhere big enough to lay it out nicely!

so here's a prettier one... bit more deja vu happening. i'm not so creative with my photo taking am i? (to be honest i just wanted an excuse to sprawl out on this lovely creation. the boyfriend is begging me not to send it!)

i can't believe how vibrant the colours are! they would definitely not be in my safe choices! love your thinking outside the box lea!

thought i'd show off my edging too, after working the entire blankie in double crochet, i decided to do a row of single crochet in each colour to finish everything off nicely.
so tomorrow, this gorgeous little thing will be winging it's way to lea, in sydney.
i started it on shrove tuesday (8th of march) and finished it up on monday so just under 14 weeks, not a bad effort i think!

i hope you love it as much as i loved making it for you lea!
i do love making a good crochet blankie... maybe now i'll finish up my ripple... then again...

see you tomorrow for some creativity in this space, and maybe tomorrow night too...


Lyndel said...

oh Nicole, yes, it is beautiful, I bet it will be difficult to part with.. so go on..finish your ripple. See you tomorrow for sure!

Brianna said...

It looks gorgeous! Congrats on getting it finished. What next?!

midge said...

i ♡ it very much. i think i see a rainbow blankie in my not too distant future. parting will be sweet sorrow

Anonymous said...

Wow missy! It's gorgeous, one day you will teach me to do this!

Deb said...

Love your blanket

karlyn Jackson said...

It's gorgeous Nicole,
Lea is my BF and she has been so excited about her blanket and receiving it. I love the colours she chose and your crochet is so neat.