Wednesday, March 31, 2010

birthday bunting.

a few weeks ago, i got an idea. my friend, heidi moved into a new house and themed her kitchen in a pirate theme. i wanted to make her something special as a housewarming present. so i decided on bunting. pirate bunting. bunting made out of pirate themed fabrics. i let this idea stew for a while, and then it was heidi's birthday! now i had to get moving on the idea...
i asked brianna where to get some nice pirate themed fabrics and she suggested the patchwork shop in the keith fagg tile shop. they had LOTS of fabrics. a store FULL of lots and lots and lots of different, varied fabrics. it took a while but i found a few fabrics that i thought were suitable...i decided that i wanted the triangles to be 20cm across the top. i got my ruler and scissors out. not to mention my iron (THAT doesn't get that much use). i was lazy and couldn't be bothered with a template so i just used the other triangles that i had already cut up :Dafter a LOT of cutting and pinning and pressing they were all done! no really, a lot of cutting, i can't see myself doing much patchwork in the future, unless i buy a rotary cutter... i decided to sew 2 pieces together, rather than hemming each individual triangle. more laziness on my part but i think it worked out better. now it doesn't have to be hung against a wall :D it can be hung anywhere!
to connect all the lovely triangles together i used bias binding. i'd never used bias binding before. truthfully i had no idea what it was... luckily brianna was on hand to let me know. and thankfully, because it made things so much easier!i just had to pin it iron it and sew it all up!
being the absolute moron that i am, i forgot to take a final picture. i thought it looked good though and i hoped heidi likes it too!
happy birthday heidi! (yes i know it was like a month ago, i've been busy!)


Heidi Vanzet said...

Nicole I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Pirate Bunting :D It looks amazing and I shall send you a picture of it soon :)

Brianna said...

Yeah! Well done, I will make a little seamstress out of you yet. Stitches and Craft is $10, catch train and meet there? Off to look at wool!