Saturday, March 6, 2010

garden bed ta-da!

yup that's right, something other than beanies... don't worry i'm just as shocked and surprised as you are.
this ta-da has been a long time coming, i started it this long ago. it's been a work in progress as work/holidays/150 kms got in the way.
mum may have also given me a little help with the clearing of the weeds. not to mention the buying of the plants and mulch. her credit card wins :D

so as you might remember, the garden bed started out a bit like this, but weedier....

fast forward 2 months or so and we've got this.

after a little retail therapy at big w (yes, i know, but no where else had the plants i wanted... the country sucks that way sometimes...),

and a little hand-dirty planting,

a bit of wet newspapering,

and some mulching...

it was done!
colourful, pretty, loveliness!
poppies and gazania and petunias and impatiens aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand a BLUEBERRY!
a little, lovely blueberry bush. can't wait for that one to mature up and fruit. mmmmmmm blueberries.
i love when an afternoon of hardwork comes to a very fruitful ending.

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