Friday, August 10, 2012

a lesson learnt.

i have been knitting beanies for a while… since way back here and before i even started typing away on this here blog.
now along the way, i've learnt some things, how to knit in the round for example (and thank goodness for that too! i HATE sewing up seams at the end of a project, sewing in ends is bad enough!) but i still manage to learn a little something from every beanie i make.

the beanie that i started last week, i've finished, and refinished.
the first time, i made it farrrrrrrr too short. this beanie was supposed to fit a grown man's head and it almost didn't fit on mine!
so i stewed on the problem for a couple of days, and ended up ripping out all of the decreasing and knitting some more of the body.
it now fits a normal persons head length, but is still a bit narrow…

with every beanie i make, there's always a next time list, and i think i need to start writing those lists down!
so if i make this beanie again, next time:
*i'll cast on more stitches. with my 6mm circular needles and double knitting the green yarn i have, 64 stitches just wasn't enough.
*i'll knit more of the body from the start. no ripping out and re-doing the decreases thank you!
*i'll try something different with the decreases. i want that ribbing pattern to continue as far up the beanie as possible.

this guy has been making knitting nice and easy too… not.
bb has been saying i'm now on expert level knitting, trying to knit while sampson is around.
in the above photo, he's asleep on both my cardigan project AND my entire wallet of crochet hooks. trying to get my scissors and a hook out to weave in the ends on the beanie resulted in a fun game of him chasing and attacking my hands. luckily he's super cute…

what lessons have you learnt recently?

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Sally said...

Remembering the lessons learnt is the hardest part... writing them down - an inspired idea ;) I might follow you on that one.
The beanie looks great.