Wednesday, August 22, 2012

24 before 25.

a couple of weeks ago, i celebrated my 24th birthday. it was nothing big, a day at work with a nice lunch with my parents, then i came home to a lovely home-cooked meal by my love. oh and a bottle of bubbles :D

i had a few thoughts about the year ahead, the year before i turn 25, a quarter of a century, and i put together a bit of a list. completely unlike me really...

1. run 5 kilometres - I had this on my list of august goals, but it's been a few weeks since i've hit the pavement or treadmill and i'm a bit scared i've lost my fitness. we'll see...
2. get inked - this one's been on a few of my to-do lists over the years... but with the help of pinterest, i'm getting my thoughts and ideas together. it's close. very close!
3. get my passport organised - i've got the paperwork, just need to get photos done and verified and then get it sorted! overseas fun isn't too far into the future!
4. buy a bike - i live within a few kilometres of where i work, with the warmer months coming up, it'll be a good way to keep fit :D
5. make a bit more of an effort with my appearance - i have ridiculous amounts of make-up and about a zillion hair tutorials pinned on pinterest. most of the time i've no make-up on and my hair in a bun. boring!
6. visit my grandmother more often - i said to myself around new year's resolution time, i should visit my ma once a week, and haven't seen her since january. worst. grand-daughter. ever.
7. finish my granny stripe blankie.
8. sell something on etsy - i've opened my store, now to make my first sale :D.
9. finish my cert IV - i've got as long as i need to finish it, but i'd like it done sooner, rather than later.
10. have more people over for dinner - i love having guests, i just am never quite organised enough to make it happen.
11. make the backyard what i want it to be - i make excuses about it lal the time, but there aren't any. i should make it what i want it :D
12. keep my car clean - it's new to us and we should keep it looking nice.
13. call my mum once a week - i'm as slack a daughter as i am grand-daughter.
14. reduce my wool stash substantially - it's taking up a bit too much room currently... i'd like it to fit into one of my vintage suitcases.
15. keep up with my meal planning - it's a great way for bb and i to stay fairly healthy, if dinner is planned, or cooking, we're a lot less likely to eat crappy take-away.
16. RELAX! - i stress out a lot, i'm highly strung. i get fairly stressed out when things don't go my way, and i really need to work on relaxing. whether it's getting a massage once a week, or practicing meditation, i've got to get something happening :D
17. drink more tea - i have a huge tea stash! and i really only drink it every now and again. i think stopping work to have a cup of tea will definitely help with the whole relaxing thing too!
18. snack healthier - i tend to snack a lot at work. and what i'm snacking on isn't great for me. throw any recipes for healthy snacks my way all!
19. get my armchair re-upholstered - i picked this one up from hard rubbish a few years ago and it's beginning to look a little worse for wear. definitely needs a spruce up!
20. donate blood - i've donated once or twice, but the last couple of times they've struggled to find my veins. i'm working on reducing my body fat percentage so that my veins aren't so hidden. hopefully it'll work and i can donate again!
21. keep saving for a house - bb isn't so convinced that we should buy a house, but i'm SO sick of renting! rather be paying off our mortgage that someone elses.
22. take better care of my feet - they carry me around, they deserve some pampering every now and again.
23. donate to charity - there's a few charities i've been wanting to donate to for ages and i always forget! pretty poor form actually!
24. get away a bit more - this state is pretty marvellous, and i haven't seen much of it at all. working full time, i'm now getting weekends off regularly. i'd love to get away with bb a little more often!

so that's it, a nice easy goal list for the year no?


Sophie said...

love your list! and you've just reminded me I was going to clean the car this afternoon.... I'll just do that now!

Karen said...

What a great list Nicole, some things are harder to do than others but definitely go see your Granny and call your mum - once those opportunities are gone, they are gone for good.
My mum and I chat all the time - a quick call about something that made you think of her at the time (or close to the time) that it happened is a great way to keep in touch.