Thursday, March 11, 2010

ahem, more beanies.

beanie progress has been slow this week. it was my first week back at uni. my mind and time is slowly but surely filling with all things biomedical again... learning lots of stupid facts to bore people at dinner parties with.
however i tore myself away from the books and spent a while doing some sewing this evening, sewing up of beanie seams that is.

the first beanie i started, green apple sorbet, is all stitched up. this one took me a while because i lost one the needles. once i found it i got right back into it though. it's been off the needles for a while, just had to find the time and motivation to stitch her up :D

beanie number three, which remains nameless, is also all done. i finished this one up while i was at my parent's last week, it's been waiting in the to-be-sewed pile too.
any suggestions for a name anyone?

aaaaaaaand beanie number four: dancing dirt into the snow.
started this one as soon as i finished number three, down on the farm.
80 stitches on 6.5 cm needles. after around the 5th row, i lost about 8 stitches off the end of one of the needles. i really shouldn't keep my knitting works in my handbag... took me a good 20 minutes to carefully salvage the silly stitches, but i managed to save them all!

it's coming along quite nicely, isn't it? the difference in the shades of whites and greys seem to be giving it a nice visual texture, as well as the chunkiness of the wool giving it a nice tactile one.

three lovely completed beanies, all in a row. and the most use that my exercise bike has had in a looooooooooong time.


Brianna said...

Very nice, I say you call it 'cool mint' or 'alpine'. I'll have to get you to make me one.

PinkCatJo said...

I used to have one exactly the same colour as the blue one. A friend knitted it for me. Very cute colour! x