Tuesday, April 17, 2018

bullet journaling.

towards the end of last year, i started looking in to journals and diaries for the new year...

i came across the bullet journalling concept and boy, did it appeal!

super simple (or not, if you'd prefer...) and aimed to keep you on track and kicking goals.

i picked myself up this journal as a fresh start, but the bullet journal concept is so simple you could use any book you had lying about.

i've aimed to keep my journalling pretty simple... i watched a tonne of youtube videos of just GORGEOUS bullet journals that people have put together and use, but i knew, that as a toddler mum, who likes to spend her spare time knitting up a storm, i didn't want to be spending a bunch of time setting up my journal on the weekly.

the above monthly spread, is done, as you can probably work out, monthly, and i use it to keep me on track...
from the monthly goals list, i can break down smaller goals and set them up as tasks on the weekly spread below

this set up is a little more complex than the bare-bones, traditional bullet journalling, but i quite like it...
it only takes me a quick second to set up (no ruled lines here!) and i make notes in certain places within each square for certain things...
for example, my to-do list for each day always starts in the top right hand corner under the date.
in the bottom left hand corner, goes the meal plan for that night's dinner, and i make some journal type notes about the day in the bottom right.

my husband thinks i'm a bit of a loon for setting up my weekly spreads just like a traditional journal or diary, but the reason i like this diy format over a fixed one, is that you can change things up at any point, and throw a 'collection' in here and there.

i've got a great list of books that i've read this year, a list of possible blog post subjects, a mega house master to-do list... a lot of lists really, but having them dotted through my weeks is really ace. and with the index feature in the front of the bullet journal, they're always super easy to find again too!

are you a bullet journaller? what's your favourite collection?


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Every year I attempt to journal and start off with a bang but then it peters out. I'm not very good with sticking to a schedule with anything.

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