Tuesday, July 4, 2017

plastic free july.

a little collection including a reusable coffee cup, a stainless steel water bottle, a stainless steel straw and cutlery set and a crocheted mesh bag

it's july (!!!) and this year, i've decided to join in with the plastic free july challenge, in a bid to reduce some of our consumption of single use plastics...

i'm definitely on board with reducing the big four, being straws, plastic bottles (such as water and soft drink bottles), plastic bags and coffee cups, but i've set myself a few additional challenges too!

the first is to cut down our use of disposable nappies!
we've got a good stash of cloth nappies ready to go, so it's just a matter of making sure they're what we reach for when it's nappy change time!
BR> the second is to avoid the drive thru. nothing we buy there is any good for our health, our budget, and the amount of single use plastic that you end up with is crazy town!

the third and final challenge i've set us, is to start a collection of soft plastics that are unavoidable at this stage, to recycle at our new local redcycle point. not buying food items in soft plastics would be the ideal situation, but i definitely don't have time to be home-making everything we need at this stage in life he he.

are you joining in with plastic free july too? what are your favourite things to do to reduce waste?


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Good for you. I'm totally on board but the problem here is this country does not think sustainable or green at all and so it is very difficult not to find plastic or styrofoam at every turn. It makes me so angry. Why do people go sit at Starbucks with a plastic cup? What's wrong with a real mug or glass? Just doesn't make sense. The big corporations have totally messed up the planet and our minds. So I do what I can. Am making the changes that I'm able. Always being conscience of what I'm doing. I babysat for a lady when I was 12 (that would have been in the late 70s) who used cloth diapers. I would help her with cleaning and laundry so can very well remember that chore. Good luck with your changes.

SpottsCrafts said...

My father worked for a plastics manufacturing company for all his adult life until he retired. The most important feature of plastic is that it is really totally recyclable, no matter what type it is. No-one believes me though. Why are all types of plastic recyclable? CHEMISTRY! Really simple! It's just no government is prepared to fund a company to do the necessary research to reverse process the petrochemistry. Work with this!