Friday, January 11, 2013

stash busting!

the other day, i was dreaming about my wool stash... thinking of how i should go through and sort my stash, and decide on some projects to use some of it up!

then as i was browsing through my blog reader, i came across this post from tammy.
turns out, linda and ana are hosting a stash busting challenge!


this morning, i found myself with some unexpected time at home (last minute re-schedule of the work roster), so i dug into the stash...

and this guy helped...

i've now got more than a few plans made (which i'll share here tomorrow) but first, i need some help!
i realised as i was pulling all of my balls of wool out, that there was some that i had fairly sizable amounts of...

these, which are a dusky pink crepe aaaaaaaand

this teal moda vera pure wool.

i have no idea what to do with it!!!
most of the projects i make, are either quite small, like a beanie, which only need one or two balls, or massive, like a blanket, which need close to a million balls.

5-6 balls just throws up question marks to me!

any ideas on the sort of project i could use this amount for?
are you joining in with the stash busting challenge?
is your stash getting out of control too?


Ana BC said...

What about a scarf or an infinity cowl? The teal would look great for that. And the pink...what about a shawl? I know not everybody likes them, but I have learned to love them. The All Shawl (crochet) is super easy, and fits lovely around the shoulders. I made one in that color, and it looks so sweet and elegant. If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to write...
Lovely yarns! I hope you find the perfect project
Ana BC

Sue said...

I have some of the Spotlight yarn too and normally use it for toys or kid's cardigans when they are small. I dont really knit in 5 ply but I do know that Spotlight has a 5 ply baby book if you like knitting them. What about a hat of some sort?

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I usually just make small projects too, so that I can finish quickly and feel a sense of accomplishment. Plus, detailed patterns just make my eyes glaze over. I definitely think a scarf or shawl would be a great way to go with that lovely yarn. Ana makes some beautiful things -- I want to do a granny scarf like she posted recently. Your kitty is cute -- like a miniature Jingles ! :) Best wishes for a wonderful weekend. Tammy

Mistea said...

You could do a little matching set with scarf/cowl and mittens or hat if that's your thing?
Enjoy all your planning.

Car said...

Pillowcases? Bag (ala attic24) to hold your woolie projects? mug holders, dolls blanket, one giant granny square as a small throw!
As for the crepe - no idea, never used it before!!!

Car said...

PS notice how I ignore the mention of a challenge? I am also ignoring the 2 ginormous boxes of wool in the craft cupboard & lets not mention the clothes basket either :o