Saturday, January 12, 2013

stash busting - plans.

yesterday, i shared the stash busting challenge, and today, i'm sharing the plans i've made for some of my stash!

first up, the beanies!

this is how i plan out my beanies, grouping some yarns of similar colours together :D
then, i cast one on, and use the rest as i see fit, making sure that there's plenty of variety within the beanie.
they tend to look like this when they're done!

i also started this little project over the christmas period (read: car craft) inspired by tracie.

my idea was to make something big enough to fit all of the cat's toys in, i'm sick of them not having a home :|
however, i'd run out of wool, luckily i found some more in my stash :D
i'm not sure that i've used the right size hook though as it's a little floppy... might need to restart this one...

the other stash plan i've come up with is to use some of the mountains of pink yarn i seem to have...

this pattern has been in my ravelry queue for a loooooong time. wouldn't it look great all in pinks? with a nice light grey background?
i would need to buy wool for the background, to ensure i had enough... but it would be totally worth it for such a cute little blankie!
rest assured, with my granny stripe still on the go, another blankie is a little ways off...

and there's also this wool...

to make a couple of pairs of slippers, one pair for me and one for bb.
i don't have a pattern in mind yet, but it needs to be something cozy :D we have horrid tiled floors that are BITTERLY cold in winter!

i feel like all of these plans should've used up a sizable portion of my stash, but it's honestly barely made a dent!

the little bundles of wool i posted about yesterday have been assigned projects too!
the teal yarn, is destined to become a cowl, this one in fact!
and the pink, i'll knit into a shawl! i've got this pattern earmarked.

i've got plenty to work on for the next little while, and when these projects are all done, i might have another little sort through to see what other inspirations the stash can yield :D

the next couple of days though, i'm going to work on turning these into 8" squares for the tasmanian bush fire appeal... you can join in here if you've got some spare time and yarn :D

how's your stash looking?
do you have lots of plans for yours too?
are you joining in with the stash busting challenge?


linda said...

wow I can't believe how organised you are, I can see you have put a great deal of thought into what you are going to make, I love your little piles of matching yarns and I can't wait to see the finished projects :)

Lyndel said...

well done you for getting started, I looked at my 2 suitcases of 'stash' and decided I didn't want to bust any of it... it is MINE, I tell you..... all MINE !

Ali said...

Great idea to organise your stash into projects Nicole. I LOOOOOVE your beanies - so fab!
Looking forward to seeing more of your stash busting creations

Ana BC said...

EXCELLENT!!! You have great plans already. The hats with mixed yarns look so cute and original. Cannot wait to see your versions...
And the other projects sound great too.
You will be busy, and happily so ;-)
Ana BC

becclebee said...

I love the idea of stash busting! I have set aside an afternoon for sorting through my big tub of fabric and do some stash busting. I have roped my sister in to help (and hopefully take some of it off my hands). I might pinch your idea of putting colours/themes together in the hop that will encourage me into making things out of my stash!

Mistea said...

You're off to a great start - love all those pretty coloured hats you're going to knit up.
Slippers - I'm seriously thinking they'd be an excellent project to complete before winter.
Enjoy working your way through your stash.

Mistea said...
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Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Wow! What a plan! So many projects. I'm definitely not that organized. Have fun! Tammy