Wednesday, December 5, 2012


after writing a goals post, at the start of every month, for the entire year, i wasn't quite ready to write one for december until now.
as soon as december started to come close, my brain started filling up with all of the should do's instead of the want to do's and it all got a little bit overwhelming!

now that i've taken a few days to think it through, and to visualise what i want to achieve for christmas, the goals list for the month is feeling a LOT more achievable!

my major goals for the month, is to finish off my bamcal blankie! i've just got december's blocks to do, and then the last of them need to be joined and then i can work on the EDGE! yay!

i'd also love to get some homemade christmas things happening.
i'd love to sew bb and myself some new pyjama pants, and to make a skirt for our tree!
this lady has also inspired me with this! i've got a few things to get off my needles first though!

i've also got a couple of secret santa projects to get finished, one (for work) is nearly done, but the other (for ncb) is barely started! i'd best get a wriggle on!

what are your december plans? achievable? or out of control?


Sally said...

Oh dear December... so much to do, so little time.
Love the crocheted chain. How wonderful.
Good luck getting the blanket finished too.

Lea said...

It is such a crazy busy time of year. I made a list of stuff that was important to me this year and I must say it is keeping me on track so far. New pjs sound great.
PS How cute is kitty all wrapped up in tinsel. Gorgeous!