Thursday, January 1, 2015


well hellooooooooo january! oh and 2015 too!

i had an incredibly early night last night and did not even come close to seeing in the new year. but it was just what i needed! i woke up this morning feeling good for the first time in many, many days. so grateful for that!

anywho, after my obsessive organising the other day, i've got lots of knitty plans for this month, but first... my goals for december were pretty simple.
get the purple socks finished...

done! i also finished up my kris kringle presents just in time...

i got a brand new oven installed too, but there's hasn't been a huge amount of baking done in it yet... maybe this month.

anywho, january, what do i have instore for you?
well there's a linen stitch scarf that i started after christmas that i'd like to get finished and into my shop, as well as the colourful socks i started back here aaaand a beanie or two from my stash of bagged patterns.

i'd also really like to get back into the swing of baking (though i don't know how friendly the weather will be on that front) as well as meal planning! i well and truly fell off that bandwagon in december, at the expense of my health and my back pocket!
making up some kombucha is also on the list. i tried it a few months ago and really enjoyed it, and after the state of my tummy the last couple of days, i think it will be the perfect tonic!

what are your plans for the month ahead? have you tried kombucha?

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Betsy said...

Happy New Year to you too! We still have 2 1/2 hours left yo go of 2014 but I'm off to bed too. I have so many projects to be done in January. Three baby blankets to finish. A shawl/poncho. And hats. Lots of baby hats for the hospital.