Thursday, January 29, 2015

my creative space.

this week, i've been working on this little number.

it's the m.1. scarf from shibui knits and it is knitting up a treat.
i'm knitting it up in some of the wool i found last time i went to bendigo. i don't have a huge amount of it, potentially not enough to make a decent sized scarf...
but i should have enough for a lovely squishy cowl... the ends will definitely be sewn together.

even though this wasn't on my january list, i really want to get it finished by the end of the month, and maybe knit up another of these bad boys...

there's still time right? right?!?

i've got these two yarn cakes out too...

ready to knit up some projects in the new month ahead, as well as join in on the summer of the single skein.

what are you making at the moment? are you knitting anything for the single skein kal?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

green love.

this week could be called the flower edition. there's lots of pretties around my garden at the moment.

part of me wants to plant a whole heap more roses here, but another part of me knows that i might not be here to see them grow up and bloom. the fun part of renting, i guess.
luckily past me had the foresight to plant this beauty though. yellow loooooove.

now, this is really a little plant that keeps on giving.

i'm pretty sure i bought it reduced, most likely very unhappy... and i've planted it in probably the most inhospitable part of my yard, where i've always had trouble growing stuff...
but it just keeps growing and flowering. such happy blooms too.

and i love the delicate pink of these beauties.

they look so precious. and i like that they're pink. supposedly they were supposed to be yellow.

and for a distinct lack of flowers...

my tomato plants are all getting bigger, but no flowers in sight. despite my best efforts with my early seed planting, i think it'll be another late crop this year, if any!
oh well. all part of the learning experience.

and no flowers expected here any time soon...

a pineapple update for my cousin. it's getting biiiiiiiiiiger!

what's growing in your patch at the moment? much flowering? how are you tomatoes doing?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

spring socks.

one of my goals for this month was to finish up the 'twilight' socks i started back in october and i'm SUPER happy to say that they are all done!

they're absolutely massive on me, but they're done!

the heel flap looks a little silly on me, and i've managed to make them too long, as well as not quite working enough gusset decreases, ending up with more stitches on the sole of my socks, than on the instep. oh well. they're still warm.

and i LOVE the colours.

i've got quite the collection of hand knitted socks building up and it's rad.

do you wear hand knitted socks? do you knit socks?

Monday, January 26, 2015

meal planning monday.

oof, monday again!
i am trying to get over the fact that there's less than a week left of january, but i can't! slow down please 2015!
anywho, best get on with this meal planning lark...

tonight, we're eating a nice roast dinner. we've got a bit of pork in the fridge, ready to be slow cooked in the oven for a pretty good portion of the day. can not wait.

tomorrow night, we'll be munching on some bolognaise bb put together yesterday while we were both off work. i'll cook some pasta when i get home and reheat the sauce. dead easy.

for wednesday night, teriyaki pork with some noodles should do the trick.

thursday, i'll grab some lamb chops from the butcher on the way home from work and serve them up with some vegies. classic and simple.

friday night, i'll finally put on that osso bucco i wanted to last week. hopefully.

saturday, imma leave bb in charge of dinner, as i'll be working. maybe we can finally go and see the hobbit movie? and grab something for dinner while we are out of course!

and sunday? i'm hoping to get a bit of a cook up happening, so that we'll have lunches sorted for the week, i'm thinking perhaps a curry, or some kind of pasta dish. that'll probably be dinner for the night too ha ha!

what are you eating this week? do you batch cook for lunches too? have you seen the new hobbit movie yet?

Sunday, January 25, 2015

sunday snippets.

playing along with {tinniegirl} and her sunday snippets.
a few pictures, and some words, summing up the week that just was.

last night saw a wee trek into the city to catch up with some of bb's family.

i spent quite a bit of time knitting. walking through the city and knitting, drinking cider and knitting, riding the train and knitting.
these socks now just need a quick kitchener-ing and they'll be done! woohoo!

a quick breakfast before work...

whipped up with what i had hanging around in the fridge. grilled haloumi, garlic and chilli mushies, a poachy on a sourdough muffin from the freezer. so delicious!

the simplest things are the most entertaining.

i carried him around like this for a good half hour. i think he was spellbound seeing all the stuff he normally misses out on being on the ground.

i spent monday and tuesday of this week in the most wondrous place.

i can't ever see myself getting sick of being there, surrounded by scrumptious wool.

and a sweet treat on wednesday night.

ncb this week was in the city, at 1000£ bend. there was an n2 stand just across the road which was amazing to check out. i didn't eat this, but the lady that was going to was more than happy for me to snap a quick picture.
yes, that IS a donut covered in whipped cream on TOP of the milk chocolate, cookie studded ice cream.
the entire menu looked amazing, and i will definitely be going back!

what did you get up to this week? what is your favourite ice cream?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

green love.

i am absolutely loving getting my little jobs done around the garden every day (well most days anyway...).
it's keeping everything looking nice and tidy, but there's never any shortage of little things to do!

these little bright things on my front steps never fail to put a smile on my face.
i inherited this boot pot, and another from my late grandmother and they are SO awesome and always remind me of her.

a friend gifted me over half a punnet of spring onions early last week.

and i planted them out in a pot i had ready to go in my backyard. spring onions galore are just around the corner!

the bird netting i've been keeping over this bed is doing wonderous things!

the tomato plants AND the poor bedraggled chilli plant are looking heaps bigger and happier. touch wood they stay that way!

the rose in my front yard never fails to amaze me.

most years, it puts on a pretty good display of blooms, but this year, it seems to be going from strength to strength. SO much new growth.
might be the fact that i'm actually taking the time to give it a good water every other day... funny that!

how are your tomatoes going? have you grown spring onions before? how often do you water your roses?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

the fabric stash.

after the awesome little sewing session i had with some lovely ladies on saturday, i was feeling all sorts of inspired. and a little confused.
you see, i took along my entire fabric stash to the sewalong, and found that i had WAY more fabric than i'd first thought. and not just little scrappy bits, but nice sized, completely usable lengths!
naturally, i pulled it all out when i got home, so that i could make PLANS for it!
are you ready?

first up, garments!

these three lengths will definitely be made into dresses.
the purple flower print in front, i bought at the same time as i bought the fabric for this project, thinking i would make two of the lisette dresses, but i never did! time to change that i think!
the graphic pink and brown number, i'm also hoping to make up into a lisette dress. it's SO easy. particularly as i've already made one!
the heart print, i'm picturing it in a more structured dress though... it might take me a little longer to get to that though i think, as i will most definitely need help ha ha!
big thanks to my lovely bestie for the pink and brown print, and the hearts too. she couldn't see herself wearing them anymore, but they look perfect to me!

i bought this flannelette AGES ago, intending to make bb some pj pants... never quite got around to them though. they'd make the perfect valentine's gift though. must get sewing them soon as february will be a CRAZY busy month for me with work!

these two prints, i want to make into more wiksten tanks! i made my first one on the weekend, and i LOVE it! and i loved the process of making it too. simple, straightforward and easy.

and now, the rest!

these florally scraps will be going into my hexie blanket. haven't touched it since i did a whole heap of stitching on it last february. i should definitely get back to it and get some more done...

i'm wanting to make these little panels into cushions. i think they'd work perfectly!

and this pile? well i'm hoping to make a rag rug out of these bits and pieces. we'll see how that goes i guess?

do you have any sewing plans? have you made a rag rug? are you a garment sewer?