Monday, November 13, 2017

well hatted.

over the winter months, i knitted a lot. A LOT!
as well as working slowly on socks, and a few commission pieces, i also knit up a whole load of baby hats...

a little stack of newborn sized garter ear flap hats

this baby hat to be specific...
i knit 12 of them!

a collection of 'kid' sized garter ear flap hats in different yarns

three of them were in newborn size, for three new babes that came into the world over those wintery months, and the remaining nine, were knit in the kid size... for nine (not so little) newly-minted one year olds!

four more garter ear flap hats

even having knitted up so many of these hats, i still love the pattern! it's so easy and looks so cute on little heads.

i'm even contemplating knitting myself one!

probably my favourite part of having knitting so many though, is the small, but sizeable dent it's made in my dk and aran scraps. huzzah!

hats bundled with ribbon or twine and labelled with a gum leaf

i got a wee bit creative with the wrapping of them too.
since having a baby, i've come to realise just how much goes into the packaging of gifts! so much stuff!! that will all most likely just end up in the bin!
hence my low-packaging gift wrapping. the leaves can be composted, and the string or ribbon was all repurposed from my stash of collected bits and bobs. hopefully they might be reused by the recipients, but if not, at least i know they've had a couple of uses before being binned!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

nicole talks knitting. episode 4.

with a bit of baby free time this morning, i managed to record another episode for my knitting vodcast...

walkerville socks
my walkerville socks wool gathering new to me kal
scrappy socks with afterthought heels
tarndie polwarth
circus tonic handmade
how to do a russian join

what are you working on at the moment? are you a fan of sewing in ends?

Monday, October 9, 2017

nicole talks knitting. episode 3.

episode 3 of my knitting video series is now up on youtube!

in it i talk about what's on my needles at the moment, and below are some links to most everything i chat about.

fly with me vest
homeward bound kal
new to me kal
wool gathering retreat
tarndie polwarth yarn
circus tonic handmade
tough love sock yarn
walkerville socks

what are you knitting at the moment?

Monday, October 2, 2017

the goat and goose.

at the end of july, bb, ag and i headed off on a little roadtrip to canberra, making a few stops along the way.
our first stop was in lakes entrance, and we stayed in the absolutely charming goat and goose bnb.

a hanging sign with painted goat and goose head

bb found it while researching accommodation online and KNEW i would love it. the fella knows me well, he was right, it was love at first sight!

just outside of lakes entrance, it's located on a quiet street, overlooking the beach.

view of the beach with jasmine growing in the foreground around the deck

the room we stayed in was full of gorgeous little nooks and crannies, filled with what i guess you could describe as 'granny chic' items... lots of layering of nic-nacs just made the place feel SO cosy and homely. it was gorgeous!

cosy bed nook with lamps on either side spa bath with hanging candles and towels little portrait frames hanging on the back of the bathroom wall a snippet of the front wall of the room, with gorgeous curtains and plates on the wall

perhaps not the best room for a couple AND a baby, with no where to put ag's cot except in the one room. it was an early bed time for us all he he!
lovely nonetheless though.

we enjoyed our breakfast on the floor in our room and ag thought it was a blast!

anywho, if you're ever in the area, keep it in mind. we loved it and the folks that own, run and live there too are super friendly!

ps. this is not sponsored or gifted in any fashion, i just really liked our experience there and wanted to share.

Monday, September 25, 2017

nicole talks knitting. episode 2.

found a wee bit of time yesterday afternoon so put together another episode of my knitting vlog!
i'm finding them quite fun to make, now i've got the hard parts down pat...
now to work on improving the lighting and such... and maybe stop saying 'um' so much... it will all come together eventually i'm sure!

it's over on youtube here and below are a few links to things i talked about.

garter ear flap hat
whisky bay woollens homeward bound kal
walkerville socks

tell me what you think? do you watch other knitters on youtube? who are your favourites?

Thursday, September 14, 2017

this time last year... a birth story.

this time last year... well i was feeling quite uncomfortable to say the least... after staying in hospital the night before, i was well into full blown labour after having my waters broken and being put on a pitocin drip a little after 8am.
those first few contractions were funny, but their strength grew and grew and i wasn't giggling about them for long! i was soon asking everyone within earshot 'why would someone do this more than once???'
after a few hours, i was getting pretty uncomfortable and decided to give some gas a go for pain relief... it really didn't seem to do much, but it gave me something to concentrate on when i felt those contractions coming.

the midwife checked on my progress when i started mentioning more pain relief and i was relieved to hear i was nearly fully dilated and soon was feeling the need to push!
fast forward an hour and a half, i was still pushing and getting nowhere quickly. except tired that is, i was pretty tired by this stage... actually, i was exhausted!
my gp was called in, and strongly recommended an epidural to give me a bit of a break, and to let the contractions do some more work before perhaps having a go at getting bubs out with some help. i accepted gratefully. after 30 minutes or so, i was resting a little more comfortably, though could still feel every contraction through my left side.

another hour or so later, our little fella had made a little progress in coming out but not a huge amount.
we made the decision to use some extra measures to help get him out so off to theatre we went! bb had to get changed into some beautiful scrubs and i received a pretty wonderful top up to my epidural which meant i couldn't feel a thing from my ribs down.
i knew i was in safe hands, and that we were about to meet our bubba, but i was also shitting myself with nerves and couldn't stop shivering!
our beautiful gp went to work trying to coax our little one out, first with the vaccuum extractor, and then when that wasn't particularly successful, some forceps. it was very strange working with her and the midwife, pushing when i was contracting, but not being able to feel anything at all!
with those forceps, our son was born! pretty much tearing me asunder on the way out though, even with an episiotomy to try and stop it!

a minute or two later, we were here...

with me, tired, overwhelmed and completely in love. and the little fella, well looking a little grumpy to be honest. could you blame him though? what a day!

a year on, i can't believe just how different we both are. and just what an experience becoming a mumma has been, humbling, eye-opening and completely life changing.

the battle wounds have healed, time has passed and now i kind of get why folks would go back for more. what a trip!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

nicole talks knitting.

in the last taking stock post i wrote up, i mentioned wanting to start a v-log but not being sure about the logistics...

well it's taken me the better part of a day, but the first episode is now up on youtube!

it's all about what i'm knitting at the moment... and i'm hoping to maybe pop one up every couple of weeks. will see how that goes he he!

pour yourself a cup of tea (if you're into tea that is!) and have a watch!

what do you think? are you a knitting vodcast watcher? what are your favourite ones to watch?