Tuesday, April 15, 2014


today i've had the day off from work, and it's been a most indulgent day.
i've been knitting, pretty much the entire day!

i've knitted swatches for georgie's knit-a-long. i've decided to knit it with the last of my murano from bendigo.
and my swatching has calculated i need to use a 4.5mm needle for the body, though i cast on the collar with a 4mm.

i've also knitted a swatch for a test knit i'm doing. it's for a beanie pattern and it's knitting up really nicely!

i've also been working on ANOTHER little project, using this big yarn...

it's leftover from the pouffe i knitted up last year, that i am still NOT happy with. not that i've done anything to fix it up mind you...

do you knit swatches before you start projects? what are you working on today?

Monday, April 14, 2014

meal planning monday.

monday again! the speed at which these weeks are flying by is scary!

tonight, i'm going to whip up this recipe! it should be light and delicious and refreshing, and be good for lunches for the next couple of days too!

tomorrow night, i'll throw together some meatballs. quick and effortless. perfection!

wednesday night is ncb night. i'll grab some bolognaise out of the freezer and cook up some pasta ready for bb when he gets home, i'll eat at ncb! yahoo!

thursday night, i'll grill up some roo burgers! will hopefully get the chance to bake some bread to sandwich them between too...

friday, i'm NOT working late as it's good friday. i'm not working at all! huzzah! i'm hoping for a super lazy day at home, getting a little bit of housework done, and hopefully getting something in the slow cooker early in the day!

saturday night, after work, i'll be heading down to visit mum and dad. another holiday on sunday means another day off from work, so i'll be getting in some farm time! huzzah! can. not. wait!

what are you eating for the week? do you have plans for the easter long weekend?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

on the sticks.

i've had this post in my mind for the last couple of days... but with the changeover to non-daylight savings time, i still haven't quite gotten used to the fact that it is dark by the time i get home from work, and darkness = terrible photos!
i either need to get myself a bit more organised in the mornings and get some snaps off before work, or put together a light box. probably both ha ha!

anywho, although i haven't been blogging, i HAVE been making!
well knitting more specifically...

a wee little pair of socks for the wee nephew. as i knit these up, i envisioned knitting many more pairs of little socks... babies keep growing apparently ha ha!
can't wait to see these auntie-made socks on some cute little feet!

speaking of socks...

i cast these on at the request of my cousin, she was after some wooly knitted socks, and that is definitely something i can do!
the yarn is on a cone from bendigo woollen mills, originally purchased at bb's request i think...
this is my first sock on double pointed needles AND with proper sock wool (3ply) and it is sloooooooow going! the needles and wool are so skinny, and the weave of the knitted fabric is so small! they look great though and should be SUPER warm!
i just hope they fit!

and finally... my on-the-go project.

a beanie! my first bitsa beanie for the festival this year.
these are always a bit of fun to make as i just pull some random bits out of the stash and knit them together! i alternate the colours and textures as i feel like it, it's very free-ing ha ha!

and knitted up on a circular in stocking stitch, it's the perfect project to pick up and put down at any time of the day, walking to and from the car to work, in my lunch break or while waiting for food, heck, even while sitting at a red light (shhhhhhhh!)

what are you knitting at the moment?

Monday, April 7, 2014

meal planning monday.

oh hello monday!
today marks the start of a week where i'm feeling semi-organised, and a LOT less stressed than the last couple of weeks!

anywho, let's talk about food for the week...

today, i've got a conference in the afternoon for work and have NO idea what time it finishes... i've thrown some beef ribs in the slow cooker with some other stuff... a la this recipe. i'll whip up some sweet potato mash when i DO get home, and maybe steam up some green beans too!

for tomorrow night, i've grabbed some roo burgers out of the freezer, and baked some bread rolls yesterday morning. delicious burgers for dinner!

wednesday night, i'll grill up some chicken skewers, serve them with a salad, and maybe some rice.

thursday night, i'll grab some bolognaise out of the freezer... i'll be working late, so i'll have some pasta pre-cooked, and ready to be re-heated with the sauce when bb and, later, i get home.

friday night, i'm hoping to head out to the grand opening of a new little yarn shop. i will try and be strong and not add to my stash... but no promises can be made!

saturday night, i'm hoping to whip up some pizzas... pizza and footy and knitting, perfect saturday night non?

and finally sunday, bb and i are heading out with some friends to grab some malaysian. i've been told that the place we're going is amazing! can't wait!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


you can always tell the state of my headspace for the week, by whether i manage to get a meal plan up for the week...
no meal plan - i'm all over the place!

a stressful start to the work week for me, with my boss away, but more so, for bb, who has worked all weekend, the last two weekends to get a project done that launched monday! i've missed him and our little routines, so hence, my all over the place-ness!

oh well, onwards and upwards!

the goals i had for march, were kind of achieved half-way... i made it halfway through the fitness plan for the month, and about a week into my healthy eating plan before everything fell apart. i think i ended up eating more junk food in the other 3 weeks of the month, than i had all year combined! not helped of course by the stress factor bb and i were both feeling...
i think i was being a little too strict on myself as well, which is why it all fell apart. i think i'm much more a moderation girl, as i tend to rebel against rules, even the ones i set for myself (especially, really...).

on the crafty front though, i achieved most of my goals... i finished this and even started and finished a similar one too!

i also made a little blankie for my newly born nephew (he was born monday, i am dying to go for a visit and a cuddle!) as well as a couple of dishcloths for cath and days for girls.

that reminds me, i need to get them in the post to her today! as well as that second heart scarf!
the second scarf is going down as my first sold knitted project! it was bought mainly from pictures on instagram i think, and i was so excited sewing on a label, and packaging it up to send last night, so awesome!

anywho, it's april now! enough dwelling on the past!

my goal for this month is to get some beanies happening... really. need to get onto this one really soon...
though i have promised my cousin a pair of socks too. and while looking through my stash for a suitable bundle of wool for her socks, i found some yarn that i'd forgotten about to make myself some socks as well! oh, and now that my little nephew is born, i'm sure i'm going to want to knit another little something for him too!

beanies nicole, beanies!

what are you plans for the month ahead? do you get distracted from what you should be making, by something you want to be making?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

my creative space.

since finishing this beanie earlier in the week, i've been working on a little scarf project.

similar to this one, but a little different!

and last night, i cast on another little something...

a cotton washcloth, to pop in the post to cath for her community's days for girls project.

what are you creating at the moment? are you making a dishcloth for cath too? have you checked out the other stuff in cam's fundraising shop?
share what you're making too with kirsty!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

green love.

oops, another late post! but i couldn't resist sharing the posts that i snapped while watering my gardens this evening after work.
it's been so long since i shared what's happening in my little space growth-wise!

my tomatoes in the front garden are really only just coming on...
the plants look a little worse for wear, but those little tomatoes that are growing, are looking fabulous!

and look at those beautiful black russians!
i can't wait to devour these guys!

i had great hopes of growing enough tomatoes to make a big stash of passata and tomato sauce this year, but it is not to be... not in my little yard in the least. my mum's garden on the other hand...
way back here, i wrote about re-potting my wee tomato seedlings at my parent's place. i left half of them there and mum popped them into her vegie patch where they grew along, slowly, slowly, and then BAM! in the last month or so, they have gone mental and there is SO much fruit on them!
it is AWESOME!
i'm hoping next time i head down there, i come home with buckets of tomatoes! fingers crossed!

anywho, enough about tomatoes...

my little pineapple is growing along happily.

and the passionfruit vine i was happy had grown,

well now it's grown HEAPS!
it's very close to being back to where it was before my fence was removed!
i'm hoping to get it trimmed and tidied and trained to grow along the fence over the weekend (as well as planting out some onions seeds in my fancy greenhouse)

speaking of trimmed and tidied...

i noticed that there was new growth at the bottom of my oregano plant, so i happily trimmed off all of the long gangly growth (and hung it up to dry in the kitchen).
it's now looking much littler, but should come back big and strong if i remember to keep the water up to it!

what's growing in your patch of green at the moment? what are you harvesting at the moment? do you grow tomatoes?