Thursday, July 31, 2014

bamboo lovin'

last year, when i went on a roadtrip to bendigo, i picked up a whole heap of beautiful bamboo yarn, that went on to become this blankie, and this blankie!
with a request to knit up another baby blankie, there was only one thing i wanted to knit it with...

i was a little down, as the colour selection was definitely a little less vibrant this time around, and i played around with swatching, trying to find a fit with the colours, that would work, but also look fairly gender neutral. everything was just kind of looking flat though...

after a little bit of googling, i found a yarn that i though looked pretty similar... and knowing that bendigo woollen mills are a supplier of heirloom, i thought i'd take a bit of a gamble...

and it turned out perfectly!
i've got all of the colours i used for the two previous blankie again!

i've got the blankie on the needles already, but i haven't got much done yet. i'm hoping to get quite a bit done while i'm at mum and dad's over the weekend!

and as for the other balls of bamboo? well they're destined to be knit up as single colour baby blankies, to go into my wee shop. one day!

have you ever knit a baby blankie? what is your favourite yarn to use?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

green love.

after getting some chores done on sunday, i treated myself with a little potter around the garden.
a little bit of weed pulling, some watering, re-mulching and pruning.

i pruned back my roses for the winter (which probably should've been done a good month ago...) and rather than just throwing out the trimmings, i cut some of them up to try my hand at propagating!

and while i was getting some dirt in some pots to organise the cuttings....

i thought i'd fill up any other vessel i had too...

i pulled out my seed box and planted in all of the old flower seeds i had in the box. if any of them sprout, i think it'll be a miracle as some of the packets were suuuuuuuper old!

while i had my seed box out, i also popped some rocket and spinach seeds in my big planter box... over where the onions are planted. except that there are no onions growing there anymore... damn!!!
i'm hoping to get some onions planted in the chookyard at mum and dad's this weekend. fingers crossed for that!

what's growing at your place at the moment? do you have onions in the ground?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

going backwards.

after finishing bb's jumper, i was super happy to have it done...
but then the more i looked at it on him, then more i realised that it wasn't the greatest fit.

particularly once it had been washed a couple of times, it was WAY too big!
i started to express my unhappiness about the way it was looking and fitting, and FINALLY bb has agreed to let me have another crack!

a morning of UN-sewing the pieces...
and then another morning of frogging...

and i've got a whole bag of balls of wool again.
i think it will be a little while before i get around to casting another jumper on for him, but when i do, there'll be MUCH swatching (and then washing of said swatches) as well as copious amounts of measuring!
this next version will hopefully be made to last!

i pulled out another project too...

i realised after re-reading the pattern, and actually measuring my foot that the size i was knitting was NEVER going to fit me! and as much as i enjoy knitting for other people, these beauties are destined to be mine! all mine ha ha!

even though i was almost done with the first sock, i figured it was better to start again, so i ripped it all out, and started it again almost straight away!

do you ever pull out your knitting? do you find you have to go backwards to be happy?

Monday, July 28, 2014

meal planning monday.

oops, another week since a blog post... but after almost clearing my to-do list yesterday, i'm feeling super ready to take on the week ahead! maybe i'll even get some other posts written up and posted too!

tonight, i'm cooking this recipe. i've said i was going to cook this one a few times in the past, but it's actually happening tonight! the mince is already out of the freezer and everything. it's happening!

tomorrow night, i'm off to ballet, and bb is cooking up some lamb chops. hopefully with a whole heap of vegies too.

wednesday night, i'll be working late changing over merchandising. there's some pork steaks in the fridge we picked up over the weekend. i think i'll throw together a marinade in the morning before i leave, and let them get nice and tender during the day, then serve them up with some salad when i get home. or bb can. or i may just grab something on the way home ha ha! we'll see!

thursday night, i'm working late. i'll grab some bolognaise out of the freezer, and cook up some pasta. easy.

friday, i'm off to visit the parentals! i haven't been down to the farm since i was there farm sitting (well over a month now!) so i'm looking forward to getting my hands dirty and spending some time with my mum!

saturday night, mum and i will be home on our lonesomes as dad will be in town (figures ha ha!), i'm sure we'll find something delicious to eat!

sunday night, i'll be back home to reality. and potentially a sunday roast. fingers crossed huh?

what are you eating this week? do you have any recipes you keep meaning to try, but you never get around to them?

Monday, July 21, 2014

meal planning monday.

after going quite well with the meal plan last week, everything kinda fell apart at the weekend. bb and i had an extremely lazy day yesterday, both of us feeling a little under the weather.
although i feel that we definitely needed a lazy day, i'm also now feeling that there's heaps to be done, so i think it's best to come out swinging with a new meal plan for the week!

tonight, i'll pop the chicken in the oven that i'd intended to cook last night. i'll put it in the moment i get home from work which will hopefully mean that we eat at a decent hour. fingers crossed!

tomorrow night, i've got ballet, so i'm hoping bb will be able to pull a risotto together. i'm intending to throw the chicken carcass and some vegies in the slow cooker tonight after dinner, to wake up to a delicious stock for the risotto tomorrow. fingers crossed for that one too!

wednesday, i'm off to ncb. bb can fend for himself, and i'll grab something while i'm there.

thursday night, i'm working late. i'll grab some sausages out of the freezer, and give bb some instructions on how to cook meatballs. they're super easy so hopefully he does ok!

friday night, i'm off to finders keepers after work! catching up with lots of lovely crafty business peeps AND maybe grabbing something delicious for dinner on the way home. sounds amazing!

saturday night, i'll leave bb in charge of choosing what to have for dinner as i'm working. he'll be cooking a lot this week huh?

and sunday, i'm hoping to have a not-so-lazy day. hopefully get some cooking done to prepare for the week ahead... though looking at the week i've got planned, it might need another lazy sunday ha ha!

do you ever have lazy days? what are you eating this week?

Monday, July 14, 2014

meal planning monday.

phew! i've just finished up a full on weekend at work but thankfully bb has kept the home fires burning and organised lunches for us for this week, as well as helping me to put together our meal plan for dinners too! legend!

tonight, i've grabbed some chicken breast out of the freezer, and i'm going to whip up some teriyaki chicken. it's one of my favourite go to recipes AND i haven't made it in ages!

tomorrow night, i'm off to ballet. while i'm out, bb will cook up some sausages and vegies. nothing fancy, but it should still be delicious.

wednesday, i'll find some beef mince in the freezer and throw together a cheat's lasagne. i call it a cheat's lasagne because you don't make a white sauce, or even a proper bolognaise really. super yummy still!

thursday night, i think i'll crumb some fish, and put together a salad. simples.

friday night, slow cooker osso bucco will be on the menu. if i remember to a) get the meat out of the freezer and b) put it in the slow cooker. sometimes i get distracted on my mornings off from work.

saturday night, bb and i are off to celebrate one of my friend's birthdays! heading off to a fancy place in the city i believe, can't wait!

and sunday, bb has been saying he wants to cook up some chilli for a couple of weeks now, i think sunday will be the day!
the leftovers should go nicely in some wraps for lunches for the rest of the week too! fingers crossed!

what are you eating this week? have you cooked pip's teriyaki chicken before? do you cheat when you're cooking lasagne too?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

my creative space.

as per usual, i've been doing lots of knitting in my space this week.

i finished off the ribby red socks for my cousin...

i love how they've finished up AND i'm happy to say, they fit as well!
maybe this swatching thing IS a good idea ha ha!

i'm hoping i'll get to hand deliver them on my day off next week.

i've also been working on putting the finishing touches on my cape. grafting the last few stitches, sewing in ends, contemplating blocking and buttons. all of the fun stuff.

and in the leftover times, i've been knitting back and forth baby blankie rows in a sweet little chevron pattern.

i love the way this is coming together, and especially the non-traditional baby colour. i do like non-traditional baby colours ha ha!

what are you creating this week? what are your favourite colours to knit baby things in?