Tuesday, September 2, 2014


today i have the day off from work, but i'll still be working hard!
my to-do list is pretty immense today, but i'm taking joy in working my way through it...

getting through this glut of lemons is pretty high on the agenda...

i'm hoping by the end of the day, there'll be lemon cordial, lemon curd and some more preserved lemons decking out the pantry.

and this little cache of onions...

will become a big pot of french onion soup.

this beautiful bloom will find a new home...

just as soon as i do some research about re-potting orchids. i'm not sure why, but i'm really nervous about killing this beautiful orchid that bb bought me for my birthday last month... i just know nothing about them!

as well as these rather lovely things on my to-do list, there's also groceries to be bought, a bathroom to scrub, floors to clean, piles of washing to wash and dry and fold... oh and i have finally got the massive box out of the back of my car.

a productive day ahead for sure!

what's on your to-do list today?

Monday, September 1, 2014

meal planning monday.

after spending the weekend in the country and with two days off this week, i'm ready and raring to get meal planning this week.

tonight, i'll whip up a chicken pad thai, along with some of the tonnes of pak choi from the garden and a good whack of chilli to help bb shift the cold he's being plagued with at the moment.

for tuesday, bb has requested french onion soup. done and done.

wednesday night is ncb night. i'll grab something there and bb can fend for himself.

thursday night, i'll be back at work so will definitely want a quick easy meal. bolognaise from the freezer will do the trick. i forgot to get it out of the freezer last week, so we had the throw-together pasta dish pictured above.

friday night is the first night of the football finals, or so i've been told. bb has requested something 'junky' and homemade burgers should do the trick! i'll whip up the burgers before i head off to work in the afternoon and bb can cook them up when he gets home.

saturday night, bb can whip up a pizza dough while i'm at work and we can bake them when i get home. perfect!

and sunday, i'm hoping to come home from work to a roast in the oven. a girl can dream right? if i'm in luck, i might whip up some stock with the leftover bones.

what are you eating this week?

Sunday, August 31, 2014


is almost here... i'm a day early with this post, but tomorrow is monday, which means it's meal plan day.
being early is ok though ha ha!

after the last couple of sunny weekends, i feel like i've kicked goals outside in my little garden, and am well and truly ready for spring!
i've also managed all of the knitting plans i set myself for august, which i'm pretty happy about! i've even blogged about those finishes ha ha!

crafty plans for this month? i'm hoping to finish up the couple of projects i posted about starting last night, as well as making a start on some leg-warmers for ballet... and hopefully turning the massive cardboard box in the back seat of my car into a little light box, for taking photos of little projects and things. i'm definitely posting about it here for accountability as the box has been in my car for well over a month now! oops!!

on the gardening side of things, i'm hoping to get some summery vegie seeds started in the green house. my tomatoes were really late starting last year, and i'm not making that mistake again!

i'm also hoping to get right back into taking my lunch to work again. in the week just gone, i bought my lunch almost every day and it was the PITS! not only was it super costly, the food wasn't great and most annoyingly, i had to THINK about what i actually wanted to eat. with a half hour break, it's much easier to not have a choice ha ha!
i'm also hoping to make full use of my birthday present from bb...

and get to 10k steps every day in september! lots of walking for this little black duck!

what are your plans for september? do you have a fitbit too? what are your favourite things to take for lunch?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

endings and beginnings.

last weekend was a pretty productive one for me.
saturday i got outside and got a whole HEAP of gardening done (more about that on wednesday of course) and when i was done outside, i got busy inside too, finishing up a couple of knitting projects.

i've been working on this baby blankie for a wee while, starting the planning back in july!
the knitting has probably only taken me a few weeks though.
i've knit baby blankies in these colours a couple of times now, and i love the combination! i feel it's super playful and fun!

this one is heading to my sister-in-law as she requested a knitted blankie to give to a friend who is expecting, but i've already got plans for the leftovers for a blankie for the shop.

my other finish was a beanie. for ME! i've knitted tonnes of beanies for everyone else, but never one for myself, so this one is all mine!

it knit up relatively quickly, i cast it on on the monday, and had it cast off on the saturday night before heading to bed! not a bad effort at all!

after my couple of finishes on saturday, i thought i'd better cast on something new... or maybe a few somethings...

this little skinny number is a scarf!
i'm knitting it lengthwise in a herringbone stitch. the rows are slooooooooow going... but the thickness is coming along. though i am nearly out of wool! oops! should be ok for the coming seasons ha ha!
this one was requested by one of bb's brothers over the weekend.

i also cast on (and finished woo!) a tension square for a cutesy little project that a family friend has requested...

i'll reveal a bit more about this project as it comes together, but i'm thinking about a tension square blankie everytime i finish one... now i just need to locate my other tension squares.

and last but not least, i've FINALLY cast on the second, too-small sock!

even though they won't fit my cousin, who they were intended for, i've found a willing co-worker with small feet!
as they're super simple, i think they'll be my mindless knitting project for the next month or so... or maybe longer... so much to knit, so little time!

what are you making at the moment? finished any projects recently? what's your finish-to-start ratio?

Monday, August 25, 2014

meal planning monday.

the week just gone, bb and i were mostly kicking goals with our sticking to the meal plan, then it all fell apart over the weekend with 3 straight nights of takeaway!
as a result, i'm feeling pretty bleurgh this morning... best stick with simple easy ideas for the week ahead...

today, i'm feeling a bit lazy so i'll grab some bolognaise out of the freezer before work and reheat it to go with some pasta. simples.

tomorrow night, i'm heading into the city for a writer's festival event. i'll most definitely be grabbing something in town with this guy!

wednesday night, i think i'll grab some lamb chops out of the freezer. cook up some vegies. easy. done.

thursday night, i'm off to ballet, but later again this week. i think i might grill up some fish and whip up a wee salad before hand.

friday night, i'm working late. slow-cookering will (hopefully) be happening. chicken curry? sounds fab!

over the weekend, i'm hoping to get down to the country for a farm visit, though i have no idea what mum is doing at this stage! it may end up being another slow weekend at home, which i am totally ok with!

what are you eating this week? have you got your weekend plans set yet?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

daily bread.

over the past week, i've been thinking of ways to improve my bread baking skills...
practice is the obvious answer, but practice means baking lots of bread, and having lots of bread to eat. being that it's just bb and i, we don't actually eat a huge amount of bread...
so kept thinking i did...

then, i asked around at work, who would be interested in some freshly baked sourdough bread to take home? lots of people!!

this was my stash of dough resting overnight last night.
enough for two loaves and a chocolate sourdough cake!

i was up super early this morning to get everything happening... and i'm about to pull loaf number two and the cake out.
i'm a bit worried about the cake as i chucked it in with the loaf at full whack in the oven, when it should have gone in at about 180 degrees instead... oops!

i feel that after even just a few days, my bread loaves are coming up nicer and nicer. and my starter is getting happier as it's not in and out of the fridge all the time, i'm just leaving it on the kitchen bench and using it as i need it. oh and keeping it well fed!

i'm also finding it quite rewarding to be creating something different with my hands. baking bread is a super quick gratification too.
why did i get up so early again? oh that's right *slathers butter onto a still warm from the oven slice of bread* yummmmm!

are you a bread baker? have you tried a sourdough cake before?

Monday, August 18, 2014

meal planning monday.

phew! this week ahead will be a biggie! i will be out EVERY night this week, as well as working all week too!
lots of pre-planning and pre-preparing happened yesterday, so i THINK it'll be ok. maybe check in with my sanity on friday evening though ha ha!

tonight, i've got a staff meeting after work, so i've got some pre-crumbed chicken breast, and some pre-made tomato-ey sauce ready to go for chicken parmas for dinner. will just be a matter of cooking up the schnitty's, dressing them and then popping them in the oven to melt the delicious cheese. i'll throw together some salad too. simple, easy and quick. perfect!

tomorrow night, we've got one of those pre-prepared oven meals to have... not normally my scene AT all, but bb was gifted them from a new potential client at work... we'll see how it goes i guess...
i'll also be heading off to an exhibition opening, so bb can have it ready for me when i get home! potentially wishful thinking there ha ha!

wednesday night, i'm off to ncb! i'll grab something there, woo! looking forward to catching up with everyone as i wasn't well last time and couldn't go!

thursday night, i'm off to ballet. though a bit later than usual... so i'll cook up some lamb chops and vegies before i head off.

friday night, i'll be working! slow cooking will be key... i'm thinking a fish curry. haven't tried a fish curry in the slow cooker before so hopefully it goes ok!

saturday i'm hoping to do as little as humanly possible... slug day for sure. maybe i'll whip up a slow cooked ragu. and some fresh bread. or pasta. or both...
just as long as i don't have to leave the house or my pyjamas ha ha!

sunday, i'm sure i'll be wanting to get myself (and no doubt, the house) into some sort of order... i'm thinking a roast chicken might be nice. and i'll make up some stock in the slow cooker afterwards. perfection!

what are you eating this week? do you have a mammoth week ahead?