Sunday, February 14, 2021

lockdown 3.2

day two of lockdown today, and an exciting one... well as exciting as a snap lockdown can get...
grocery shopping day!
to be noted, grocery shopping normally gets done on a sunday round here, it wasn't some ploy to get out of the house. though it was definitely a perk ha ha!

a white hand with purple painted nails, holding a bottle of 'kester black' purple polish

i also found a wee bit of time to throw some polish on my nails, which i haven't done for an age and read a few pages of my current book.

then there was a whole bunch of boring daily stuff like loads of washing, bed changing and making and a bit of furniture rearrangement just to spice things up a little!

i was kind of hoping to get some gardening done, but my energy levels were not up to it. instead i podded beans and watched bb mowed and played with the kids. restorative!

do you wear nail polish? what's your favourite shade?
what was the favourite part of your day today?

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