Monday, January 12, 2015

meal planning monday.

oops! last week's meal plan did NOT exactly go to plan. tuesday night, and the two nights i had planned to go out went as i had planned, but the rest, nope!
hopefully this week will be a little different!

tonight, i'll throw together some haloumi patties for dinner. and there should be leftovers for lunches too! yippee!

tomorrow night, i'm back at ballet, so a-slow cookering i will be. satay chicken will be quick and simple and easy. but most importantly, delicious!

wednesday night, i've got fancy plans. beef wellington. a new recipe so wish me luck! the recipe i'm using looks pretty simple so hopefully it'll be ok!

thursday, i'm working late. i'll whip up an old favourite in casarecce with fennel and chorizo before i head to work so i have something to eat on my break and bb has something to come home to.

friday night, i'm heading out with my family to celebrate my brother and a close family friend becoming another year older. it should be super fun!

saturday night, i think i might try out another new recipe! well kind of... i want to make pad thai, which i have definitely made before. however i normally use a sauce out of a jar, and tonight, from scratch! wish me luck!

sunday night, i might try for the roast chicken i had planned last weekend. here's hoping it actually happens this week!

what are you eating this week? have you ever made beef wellington before?

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