Monday, January 19, 2015

meal planning monday.

once again, last week's meal plan didn't exactly go to plan... monday, tuesday, the meal plan was going great. and then everything fell apart wednesday ha ha!
we had thursday night's dinner last night, so roast chicken is still on the cards this week!

tonight, i'll whip up an easy favourite. meatballs!

tomorrow, i'll have a little more time on my hands as i won't be working, so roast chicken will definitely be happening! AND i'll throw the bones and some vegies in the slow cooker to make stock afterwards. love a double duty dinner!

wednesday night, i'm heading into the city for ncb. we're trying somewhere new to meet so hopefully it goes well! and ben can have soup made from the stock from the previous night, with noodles and leftover roast chicken meat.

thursday night, i've got a recipe for baked jerk chicken that i'd like to try. hopefully it turns out ok!

friday night, i'm working... osso bucco in the slow cooker might be the way to go.

i'm working all weekend, so i'll leave bb in charge of the dinner situation. hopefully he is up to the task!

what are your plans for the week? what's on your menu?

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