Wednesday, February 12, 2014

green love.

this week in the garden, something super exciting has happened, i grew tomatoes!

when i first discovered them, i actually had a lot more growing...
something else has ALREADY discovered them, and has been having a happy munch. GAH!

thankfully, touch wood, nothing has noticed these guys too much...

and i've been able to pull a few off most days while i've been watering and have a little nibble.
they're really sweet and delicious!

i STILL haven't got this poor little pineapple in the ground!

i meant to pot it up last night after work, but i went to bed instead. 12 hours sleep, don't mind if i do!
it's growing a quite impressive root structure while it waits to get into the ground though... pretty cool huh?

this little strawberry plant that i was given for christmas, seems to be doing ok, despite it copping a lot of heat from the afternoon sun.

the few berries i've eaten from it so far have been delicious and sweet and there seems to be lots more flowers popping up too!

and finally, when all else fails in the edible side of the garden...

these pretty things always seem to be around to brighten up my mood! despite them being out the front and again, copping a faily enormous amount of hot afternoon sun, they don't seem to mind.
as long as i water them frequently that is ha ha!

what's growing in your patch this week? do you have pest problems where you are? have you ever planted a pineapple top?

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Sally said...

Your garden is thriving! That pineapple sure is impressive... might have to give that a go I think.